Internet cafés and access

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Internet cafés and access

It is not hard to find an internet café in America. The best places, both in terms of speed and price, tend to be the larger internet cafés (with 20 or more computers) that focus on providing computer access. However, many fast food restaurants now offer WiFi to their customers and may be a viable alternative to the formerly very popular internet cafés.

Internet cafés

Internet cafés near very touristy areas are usually more expensive. Once you purchase your access time, any remaining time you might have left over will not be refunded. If you expect to be online for a while, it's advisable to buy a special multi-hour pass. They usually come with 2 or 3 hours on them and reduce the overall cost per hour. They also offer the advantage of multiple sessions and bills that include only the minutes you used.

Fees tend to only give you access to the computer and the Internet. Just about everything else might carry an extra charge: printing, scanning, and even copying files to and from CDs and flashdisks. Some larger cafés have introduced additional charges if you want to access spreadsheets or word processing programs (e.g. Microsoft Excel and Word).

Warning: Internet cafés are popular targets for thieves and pickpockets particularly in the downtown areas in large cities. Keep an eye on your belongings at all times.

Internet elsewhere

If you are looking for cheaper and comfortable alternatives (that may be less quiet) you can now also go to fast food restaurants and coffee shops (think McDonald’s or Starbucks). There you may only get a WiFi access code after buying their products, and your access may be restricted to a certain period of time. However, you don’t have to pay fees and it costs a lot less.

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