Long Distance calls

How to save money on long-distance calls

Long Distance calls

When making long-distance calls, you can save money by choosing the company that offers the best deal. While your local calls are served by a local phone company, calls outside your local area are called toll calls and are handled by a long-distance phone company.

When signing up for a phone line, you normally choose a designated long-distance company. All calls made by dialing 1 (followed by an area code) will be routed by default through that company.

There are hundreds of companies that provide long-distance services. Since the rates vary widely, it can be hard to find the best deal. For this reason we won't recommend any specific provider on Just Landed.

For some long-distance providers, you don't even have to register - you simply dial a special prefix number before the number you wish to call. Before getting connected, you will be told the cost per minute for the call. Charges will then appear on your normal phone bill, so you don't have to make separate payments.

If you're calling abroad, you might want to consider buying an international prepaid phone card as these often offer the cheapest calling rates available. See our section on calling cards for more information.

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