Applying for a job in Vietnam

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Applying for a job in Vietnam

The process of applying for a job in Vietnam does not differ too much from western standards. Online job portals are common, nevertheless, you will hardly be able to avoid visiting Vietnam for a job interview in order to secure a position.

An application should usually consist of your CV, an application letter and relevant certificates. Remember that longer is not always better. Quite the contrary! A cover letter should not exceed one page. Some recruiters don’t even consider applicants with longer cover letters.

The CV should be chronological, starting with your most recent job. You should try to change the CV according to the applied position. Emphasize skills that are relevant to the position, but again, try to exclude irrelevant things since recruiters usually do not spend more than one minute on viewing it.

If you are invited to a job interview, preparation advice is the same as in nearly every other country. Be informed about the company you are applying at, dress well and formally and be polite. Ask smart questions and tell them why you are especially qualified for the job. Don’t forget to bring your résumé, try not to talk about your past (unless directly asked to summarize your past experiences relevant to the position), and emphasize visions and future plans.

In Asian countries, in general, recruiters are very focused on punctuality and respect. Call at least one hour ahead of time if you suspect that you may be late for your appointment due to justifiable reasons. Interviewers may appear to be a little reserved, so bear in mind that your own behavior should not be too extraverted - refrain from gesturing too much and keep your voice level low. If they offer their business card, it is most polite to accept it with both hands. Treat the business card with respect, meaning never, ever take notes on it or just put it in your trouser pockets. Moreover, do not refuse any tea or coffee offers during the interview, because it would be seen as very impolite.

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