Temporary residence

What to do to reside in Vietnam on a temporary basis

Temporary residence

A Temporary Residence Card acts as proof of identity, and as an entry visa in order to travel within, and in and out of, Vietnam.

Temporary Residence Cards (TRC) are valid for one to three years, with a duration of at least one month less than expiration of passport. TRCs will not be issued to a person with a passport with a validity of less than one year.

TRCs may be issued for people with any of the following qualifications:

  • Limited liability company (LLC): members part of a LLC with two or more members; owner of a one-member LLC.
  • Members on the Board of a joint-stock company.
  • Foreign lawyers who have been licensed by the Ministry of Justice to practice law in Vietnam as stipulated by law.
  • Foreigners holding a work permit, working in various kinds of foreign enterprises and representative offices of foreign companies.
  • Professionals, students, trainees, experts working or studying in national programs and projects signed between the ministries and approved by the government.
  • Accompanying relatives (parents, spouse, children under 18 years of age) of the granted resident card person.

Processing time for a TRC is five business days from the date of receiving all the completed documents. The fee will vary depending on the time limit of the TRC, but is generally around US$60 for the one year and US$100 for the three year. Payment should be made in Vietnamese dong.

What documentation do you need?

  • Application forms N5 - both N5A and N5B
  • Two 3x4 cm photographs attached to application forms
  • A copy and the original passport and visa
  • A copy and the original legal profiles of the company, organization, enterprize guaranteeing application for Vietnam TRC.
  • Proof of residence registration by ward police
  • For case of family members, proof of relation (marriage certificate, birth certificate, family population book)
  • A copy and the original work permit
  • Many cases will require the following: Confirmation of Investment Certificate, Business Registration certificate, license of Establishment of Representative office, Company Branch (including announcement of activation), The Certificate of Seal Registration

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