Want to work in Vietnam?

How to obtain a work permit

Want to work in Vietnam?

Anyone who wishes to work in Vietnam must apply for a work permit. Here is what you will need in order to submit the application.

Obtaining a work permit in Vietnam has become much more accessible than it had been in the past. Generally, besides having to gather quite a bit of paperwork, all you need is a work contract and either a university degree OR five years experience working in your field.

In order to work in Vietnam you will need to comply with the following requirements:

  • Be 18 years old or over and in an adequate condition of health for the demands of the role
  • Have a high level of specialised knowledge; either a degree or five years experience in the role. Some fields will even accept a certificate in a professional skill
  • In order to work in specific healthcare jobs or in education it is necessary to meet the requirements of the Vietnam authorities for working in these sectors
  • To be free of any criminal record in your country of origin, Vietnam or anywhere else and not be wanted under any kind of arrest warrant 

Paperwork required to apply for a work permit

From applicant:

  • Work permit application form
  • Work permission application letter
  • Criminal record. If you have been in Vietnam for six months or more, you will have to get the criminal record issued by the judiciary department of the city where you are living. If you have been in Vietnam for less than six months, you will have to get the criminal record from your prior place of residence.
  • A copy of your certificate or degree, OR
  • Proof of five years experience working in the field. This can be a confirmation letter from previous employers, or any other type of paperwork to prove that you have five years experience from another country.
  • Health check from a hospital. There is a list of Vietnamese hospitals that have the authority to give you a health check, and only these hospitals are qualified to prove your health for the work permit application. In the case that you are not in Vietnam, a health check from any hospital in the country that you are staying will be valid for submittance for up to six months.
  • Curriculum vitae with passport photo
  • Three new passport photos

From employer:

  • A valid labor contract
  • The company license (copy certified by Government authority office)
  • Work permit application form
  • The approval from the Government to use foreign labor

After you have all the paperwork ready, it will need to be sent to the Labor and Social Welfare Service of the province/city where you are working. If they approve your work permit application, or if any changes need to be made, they will inform you within 15 days.

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