• Dear Sir,

    Our Company is currently looking for a potential business partner to market a unique car accessory product from Japan.It is marketed by MXB International Holdings Sdn Bhd , a Worldwide Sole Distributor company based in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia.

    This unique product called I Charge is a multi purpose Voltage Stabilizer with built in Battery Doctor System and Interference Reducer System designed to maintain a stable working environment for all electronic parts and ignition in your car,hence maintain optimum engine performance and fuel economy.

    Under normal circumstances,battery supplies stable voltage to all electrical part in your car.But when there is a sudden acceleration,high engine load will affect other electrical part include ignition system;so affect your car performance.

    With the use of I Charge ,not only release stored energy in its circuit when needed,it also act as a voltage stabilizer at all time when there is a voltage drop and changes due to engine load. Hence reduce engine load with I Charge will improve your car performance.

    For information, the product has been marketed in the South East Asia countries and receiving an overwhelming response and raking million of dollars.Therefore, we would like to explore this business in your country and huge opportunities awaiting for keen inviduals/company.

    For those interested to find more about the business( price etc ) , kindly e-mail me .You will not be dissapointed!

    Background of Product and Company

    For your information, the unique product is called I Charge and it was invented in Japan in 2006 and was brought in to Malaysia by MXB International Sdn Bhd , a Malaysian based company in November 2007. Later, MXB International was awarded a World Wide Sole Distributor status by Zeromax ( I Charge inventor ) , its partner in Japan to market this product worldwide. Hence, all I Charge request order from any part of the world must go to MXB International office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. You can view the product details, company profiles , its board of directors and

    Note : The product has won the Car Goods of The Year 2006 in Japan.In 2008, I Charge was awarded Product of the Year ( Master Award ) organised by Asia Direct Sales.

    This unique product won't let you down. Just for your information, in Malaysia alone for the first nine months in 2008, it has recorded about RM30 million or USD8.5 Million sale.No need to mention the sales in other Asian countries!

    Note : Based on our experience when we first market I Charge in Malaysia in 2007,
    500 units was sold out in just a few hours!!!

    How to proceed further?

    Option 1 ( Operate as a stockist /country sole distributor )

    If you have the capital, you can immediately apply from MXB International to operate as I Charge stockist in your country or locations. Stockist refers to country distributor. A minimum purchase required is 500 units. However, you may not necessarily invest in one lump sum. You can start with 100 units first, and followed with the balance second and third month and so on until you fulfilled the 500 units benchmark.

    The advantage of having a Sole Distributor status is that it would give you the EXCLUSIVE RIGHT to control the I Charge market in the whole of your country and locations. Anybody or company from those countries mentioned above who wanted to get the I Charge from us here in KL will be directed to you. As such, you are required to come down to KL to MXB International office for an agreement to be signed as well as for MXB International to officially appoint you as the Country Stockist. An official letter will be issued to you.We will train you how to register your customers as well as providing you with an effective marketing plan.

    Normally, a stockist will assign his own people/ sales rep. in some of the strategic areas in the country. These sales rep. will then collect the money ( depend on the purchase quantity ) as well as the customers particulars and forward them to the stockist for his further action ( registering names and make arrangement to deliver the product ).

    Actually, if you purchase 500 or more you can sell the I Charge lower than USD185. You will also get 50 I Charge for FREE! We will reveal about this if you opt for this Option.

    Note : The standard price of I Charge for overseas market is USD185.

    A stockist will also enjoy extra benefits such as the USD185 will include shipment cost, etc. However, this can be discussed further

    Importance of Car Electronics and Stability of In-Car Voltage

    Do you know how important is electrical voltage to your car performance and life-span? Many problems occurred in your car now are due to unstable voltage supply, and if your car is not taken care of ASAP, it will then worsen to serious problem later. Most of the car owners look for mechanics assistance when having problems with their cars from time to time.

    They are unable to find the right cause and remedy to the problems, and worst of all, car owners have to compromise to the problems most of the time. As we know "precaution is better then treatment", like we take good care of our body, we should take good care of our car before it is too late. Small spending in advance is definitely a wise investment, as it has very high cost/performance in returns.
    Electrical systems in our cars are interconnected to each other.

    To get perfect performance you need a good and harmony electrical circuit environment. For example, if you have a old and less efficient ignition circuit in your car, you will have very poor fuel consumption, low throttle response, misfiring problem, jerking gear shift, all problems may occurred due to a single defect in another electrical problem. So to maintain optimum electrical performance in your car, we need to have a very stable voltage environment.

    Here comes a new electronic device - i-CHARGE, original patent/copyright from Japan, a multi-purpose Voltage Stabilizer with built in Battery Doctor System and Interference Reducer System. Once you use i-CHARGE, your car is in best control by this product, it will solve small problems that due to unstable voltage during driving. What is more wonderful, it is so easy to installed, with just a plug into cigar-lighter socket, will activate this device. Unlike other fuel saving product, by adding chemical and tablets into the fuel tank, increase the risk of car damages.


    i-CHARGE Voltage Stabilizer has the following three systems:
    • Voltage Stabilizer System
    • Interference Reducer System
    • Battery Doctor System


    • Faster throttle response, engine power up.
    • Optimized all electronic devices in car
    • Reduce car CPU noise signal, improve CPU reaction time, improve electronic efficiency.
    • Smoother gear shift on automatic car.
    • Improve engine power, better acceleration response, hence improve fuel saving.
    • Maximize ignition efficiency, easier engine start.
    • Prolong engine and electrical device life-span.
    • Easy installation, totally DIY, the first choice for ladies drivers.
    • Universal for all cars and motorcycles
    • Reduce noise with built in noise filter, improve sound system performance.
    • Equipped with double fuse protection, for better product life and safety.
    • Faster RPM response, it gives you powerful acceleration even when your car's air condition turn on to maximum load.
    • Cleaner exhaust emission on HC and CO gas. So more environment friendly.
    • Twelve (12) months Limited Product Warranty

    For those interested to find more about the business and to be our partner in their country and location , kindly e-mail me .You will not be dissapointed!

    Christopher Megwara
    MXB International

    Mobile Phone: +234 803 3397354 or +234 805 6719953

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