Carefull w. Fraudster Dan in Marbella

  • ACHTUNG: Betrüger in Marbella

    Dan Sela, +447748274400 + +442079317997 0034/666999738 Email [email removed]

    02 okt 2005, 02:02 Anonymous
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  • No Salsa Congresos in Marbella

    Don't lend him money on his stories<img src=>

    Anonymous 02 okt 2005, 02:04 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • fraud with shoes

    he sold an english lady salsa shoes got the money and never dlivered them!

    Anonymous 12 okt 2005, 06:12 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Dan Sela ist ein Lügner!

    Hier kann man noch das Banner sehen, womit er Werbung hatte für einen Salsa Congress in Marbella, doch nachdem er kassiert hatte war er auf der Flucht!

    Anonymous 21 mrt 2006, 01:49 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Dan Sela

    Sela Robotix Ltd was a scam too, too peoples money

    Anonymous 09 mei 2006, 03:38 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Sela Salsa Scam

    Dan Sela, an international con-man. Fraudster. Dan Sela is a man who would sell you his tales of robots, salsa conventions, Latin Centres and whatever else he may come up with when they finally chase him out of Spain. Dan Sela has been conning people all of his life and it pains me that he is still at large and causes damage in the beautiful country of Spain, just like in the UK and in Israel, where he originates. The story with salsa shoes is very in character and Sela Robotix was a total scam. Too many people lost much money. Dan Sela belongs in jail, in fact that is where I thought he was after he vanished. Now I can see where he went, with the money he has made from his numerous scams. Marbella, and spreading his tentacles fast, this time to Latin America. He is a real charmer and would make you believe anything, in order for you to reach for your cheque book, a valet, credit card, a pen to sign a contract or just to get into your pants, if you happen to be a woman. Dan Sela is a definition of con artist. He is confident and always in control, very tough and always full of seemingly brilliant ideas that unfortunately never work. Please keep this in mind when booking a Sela-Salsa course, or investing in Sela whatever. A Scam with a capital S. If you are one of the unfortunate individuals or associations who are owed money by Dan Sela, your chance of ever recovering it are practically zero (unless you know rather good debt collectors). Please do not trust this man's lies and I beg you not to lend him any more cash or buy anything from him. He uses your money to live large and laughs at you behind your backs, he uses your money to con others of theirs.
    Dan Sela is spreading around the globe like a contagious disease. SELA SALSA - AVOID LIKE A PLAQUE!

    Anonymous 04 sep 2006, 01:00 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Dan Sela, Sela Robotix,

    It has been a source of concern to me to read the recent email regarding Dan Sela and to learn that he is still up to his old tricks. Dan Sela is indeed a fraudster, which fact I have long tried to inform the London Salsa scene of, but, for whatever reason, some people have chosen to disregard my words.

    Fact: Sela Robotix UK Ltd (company no. 03499080) is a dissolved company, which was in poor financial standing with Companies House and therefore his statements re making his money as a result of flotation of this company on the stock market are false. The last accounts provided to Companies House were on 30/06/2000. The next were due on 23/02/2002, but this was never provided. You can access Companies House free of charge online to verify this point. One must realise that it is incredibly easy to have a company registered.

    Please encourage people to check Companies House for themselves and display information about him, including his picture, in salsa venues worldwide. There are numerous pictures of him online and anyone seeing him should report him to the police. Dan Sela tried to con me out of a very large sum of money, tens of thousands of pounds, but thank God I checked him out first!

    He is planning a major salsa event (“Sela Salsa Congresos 2007”), please post as many notices as you can exposing his scams. Hopefully some people will see it before they are too late.

    Anonymous 08 sep 2006, 07:09 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Fraudster Sela on the loose


    Anonymous 14 sep 2006, 01:44 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Picture of Dan Sela with one of his victims

    Anonymous 14 sep 2006, 01:49 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Dan Sela lives off others

    I am glad to see that people who have been taken in by his fraudulent ideas are telling others I too gave him money for his so called Robotix company only never to see him again once he had got what he wanted. He seems to target women like myself whom he convinses to believe in him.
    I hope people with whom he is currently dealing with in Spain see him for what he is.

    Anonymous 19 sep 2006, 05:09 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Fraudster Dan Sela

    This man conned me out of several thousand pounds a few years ago in London. I "invested" in Sela Robotix and he vanished. Did not forget to borrow a substantial amount from me before he did that. People who worked for him got issued "shares" in the "company". This man has to be stopped, before bank accounts get cleaned up. Please inform the salsa scene, that's where he is likely to operate.
    Beware of this man it is his nature to betray and steal from friends.

    Anonymous 27 sep 2006, 11:00 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Dan Sela: I want your cash for a Congresso

    Dan Sela himself, outlining his next scam. Please read and forward to any interested parties.
    The salsa sets the mood, Dan takes your valet.

    Anonymous 27 sep 2006, 11:14 - Rapporteer misbruik



    Anonymous 20 okt 2006, 08:08 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Salsa Fraudster Dan Sela - salsa DVDs

    There has been a number of reports that Dan Sela is changing tactics - selling Salsa DVDs at £100 per set. The problem is that these DVDs never arrive, should anyone consider ordering these things.

    We can not reveal the name of this enterprise for legal reasons as the case is under investigation, however we advice anyone who fell victim
    to these tatctics to contact their credit card company and ask for a refund. Please forward any details to us via this forum as it helps to co-ordinate our efforts.

    We specialize in fraud investigations.

    Anonymous 10 nov 2006, 06:15 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Sela lies

    Check out this site

    Anonymous 13 dec 2006, 11:22 - Rapporteer misbruik


    Friends of Dan

    Anonymous 09 jan 2007, 04:06 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Hi Guys with anything most important to DO!

    Hi people. What is it all about? If you have some problem with this Sr. you can call him, I just checked his website and ALL HIS TELEPHONE NUMBER are there, and his e-mail. So why you dont call him? You are welcome to call him, Right Now is in Cancun, i read it in his news letter.

    Also, this GROUP OF PEOPLE that are "joining effor to catch him" jajaja IS THIS A JOKE?

    So ALL YOU, LOOSERS, if YOU HAVE THE BALLS write to his mail [email removed] ALL THE WORLD KNOW HIS EMAIL, IS EVERYWHERE! and NOT put this garbage in this shit of forum.

    So what ever You are, Woman o Man, and you are gelous or something like that, let me tell you that you are so PATETIC.

    And how here I AM the only one that HAVE THE BALLS to put MY NAME and NOT "anonymous" here is:
    Alejandra Normendos, from Spain.


    Anonymous 09 jan 2007, 04:17 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • The Great Man Dan Sela

    We the lawyers of Dan Sela are in progress to sue all this people that wort lies and this website company that aloud them to do that,you will going to hear about that sonn.

    Lawers for Dan

    Anonymous 09 jan 2007, 06:17 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Warn others - newspaper article

    The Spanish Sun Newspaper would be interested in talking to people about these claims, also the man himself or his lawyers if they feel the allegations to be untrue.
    You can see our website at

    Anonymous 13 jan 2007, 12:11 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • more lies

    We are the lawyer of Mr.Dan Sela we continue to search the people behind all this lies of Dan. We will contact every one that involve and we will make sure that he going to court.

    See you in court

    Anonymous 13 jan 2007, 04:34 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Salseros for Dan

    We are world wide salseros that know Dan 10 years,he his the best man ever we know kind and helpful,he doing a lots for the salsa and we will NOT give that shit man like you will this to Dan, we will supporting him 100% evrywere in the world.
    Salseros for Dan

    Anonymous 13 jan 2007, 04:36 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Women that Love Dan

    We are many women that know Dan from the Salsa World can said that we never heard about Dan nothing like that,he his Gentelman,Kind,Supportive, helpful, so we are going to have a group that we will sue this website,the news paper that mentioned here and the man or people behaind that.

    Just waiting for us as well.
    Women that love Dan

    Anonymous 13 jan 2007, 04:40 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Gruop of Investor from UK For Dan

    We as 85 shares holders in the UK find that this lies about Dan, we are going to hair a lawyer that we sue this website,the man or people that behaind all that and the news paper tha mentioned.
    Dan invest and work hard in the UK since 1998 and received an Expetional Award from the British Goverment so have prove of this man what he done for Aerospace Industry.

    So,we will contact on monday the website and the news papers and we will start the progress of take you to the cours and sue all for at list $1,000,000

    Group of Investors U.K

    Anonymous 13 jan 2007, 04:45 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • A real Journal

    Hi, reading all this things there is a reply that CATCH ALL MY ATTENTION, "Warn others - newspaper article".

    Who is the "journal" from THE SPANISH SUN newspaper that come at some unknow forum and is "very interesting" in this "note" about Dan Sela???

    Im a journal, im work in mexico for one of the biggest newspapers in acapulco and also particular periodistic job, and i can tell you that a real journal SEARCH the note and FIND the answer, and is not possible that you dont put your name and telephone contact for everyone that want give you infomation about this case. You just put your website that is a garbage because i never could find a name the peopple there is idetificated like "editor" "designer" what is this garbage? Also if you are a REAL JORNAL and a REAL NEWSPAPER, you, SPANISH SUN CAN NOT be part of nobody less if you dont have any prove of that, and your sugestion when you said "the man himself and his lawers, if they think this are untrue" PLEASE this is given material to talk.

    So, as a Man can i tell you "JOURNAL" and "the sspanish sun newspaper"that if you are behin all this SHIT you will have a BIG PROBLEM.

    And like a man can a tell you that in this case SOMEBODY WILL SUCK YOU A BIG MONEY with all right because this is a difamation case.

    People ANONIMOUS must to have proof adn published telephones and names.

    THE SPANISH SUN NEWSPAPER telephones and mails of Dan Sela are publish. MAKE YOUR PERIODISTIC JOB and find him.

    Is a big mistake that your insinuation about that you take part of one side of this BIG LIES.

    Adalberto Elizondo Arteaga
    Cel: 00 52 744 446 2423

    Friend and ex-student of Dan Sela. A Great Man

    Anonymous 13 jan 2007, 11:04 - Rapporteer misbruik

    We, saleros,women,every one in this planet that know the wonderful,great,kind man Dan Sela preppering to sue all this or the man behind that, 5 lawyers are working on that case and you sould preper your self to pay minimum $1,000,000
    just a wait for us,YOU BASTER,NUSTY,DIRTY MAN.

    Barbara,Margaret,Maribel,Jane,Alic & more from UK,Sapin,Canada,U.S,South America


    Pepole that love Dan Sela

    Anonymous 16 jan 2007, 07:22 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Fraudster Dan Sela update

    Dear Mr. Sela,

    you are a fraudster. You have just fabricated your own fan club.

    Please stop spamming, this forum is for people that hate you.

    Hasta Siempre, Fraudstero!

    Anonymous 19 jan 2007, 03:33 - Rapporteer misbruik


    Anonymous 19 jan 2007, 04:43 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • For Dan

    We the lawyer of Dan want your phone number, we will found you any way.

    So we waiting for your telephone number

    Anonymous 19 jan 2007, 04:46 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Shares Holders of SRUK LTD

    We are 85 shares holdrs in the UK confirm front our lawyer in London that we invest in SRUKLtd and have UK Shares legaly in SRUKLts and we never ask any investment back.

    The man that promot HIS A LIER becuase we have prove from Dan lawyer in London since 1998 when SRUK Ltd establish.
    The company establish on Dan Invention" Integration Robotics System for Application,Dan are known by All aerospace company in the
    in the world and received an Exepetional Award from the British Goverment in March.2002,we have official letter from the British Middlenad Goverment about this award,also are publish on his website.
    So no one can tell us who his Dan because larg Robotics & Software company was investing,the comapny after the FALL of the .COM company make a break for activties but in 2007 we are going back,the website will be

    All Dan development and testing this system are prove in document,letter from all aerospace,roobotics and software company in the U.K

    All those that looking in the company of house in the UK will find the old registration no: But we are now registrate the company again.

    You the man that send lies about Dan will be sue shortly because we are after you and we will find you.

    Shares holders of SRUKLTD

    Anonymous 19 jan 2007, 04:59 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Dan Sela In Montreal

    Dan Sela from Sela Salsa was in Montreal and he offered to us dancing shoes that he supposedly bring from USA trough a certain company called VERY FINE SHOES. He told us he was the exclusive distributor in Montreal so we called the company to be sure and they told us that yes, Dan Sela asked them to have that right. Then, we though that if he was an authorized distributor, we could trust him. That’s how we finished giving him 1,000$ USD to command a dance shoes stock. That was 6 months ago and the stock was never delivered. so we did a police report and immigration report so he wouldn’t be able to come back in Canada. Almost 1 month ago, Dan Sela called us because he saw what was in the internet about him and he told us that he was going to give us the money back but only if we took everything of the web and the police so we took off what was on the web and then he started to say that he was going to send the money, but he never did! That’s why we’re putting this information on the page again because you all have to know that he is a liar. To confirm the information, you can call at (514)274-7991 Academia Estofa Musidanza. Montréal Canada.

    Anonymous 26 jan 2007, 11:06 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Warn others article

    Thanks for telling the Canadian authorities, that's one more country he will never enter again.
    Did you talk to the Spanish Sun yet? They can make him famous...

    Anonymous 30 jan 2007, 01:12 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Dan sela en montreal spanish

    Dan Sela de Sela salsa, estuvo hace unos meses en Montreal y nos ofreció los zapatos de baile que supuestamente distribuía desde los EEUU a través de una compañía de nombre Very Fine que hace zapatos para bailarines. Nos dijo que era el distribuidor exclusivo para Montreal, entonces llamamos a la compañía y ellos nos confirmaron que efectivamente Dan Sela les había pedido la distribución en Montreal. Aquí pensamos que si el era un distribuidor autorizado podíamos tener confianza, entonces fue cuando le dimos 1000.00$ USD para pedir un stock de zapatos que según Dan Sela nos enviarían a la semana siguiente pero los zapatos nunca llegaron, eso fue hace unos seis meses, Hace unos dos meses nos escribió un e-mail para decirnos que nos iba a devolver el dinero pero que primero quitáramos este anuncio de Internet y como aun no nos ha devuelto el dinero nos vimos en la obligación de poner el denuncio de nuevo hasta que Dan Sela nos devuelva el dinero. Nos hemos visto en la necesidad de poner el denuncio a la policía y a las autoridades de inmigración para que no le permitan la entrada de nuevo a Canadá. si usted quiere verificar puede Llamarnos al Tel: (514)274-7991 Montreal(Canadá). Nuestra institución se llama Academia Estofa Musidanza.

    Anonymous 06 feb 2007, 02:52 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • please someone clea rthis up for the people of Lima

    there is a lot of information on here from anonymous users including some purporting to be from lawyers, I must say I've never encountered a lawyer with such bad grammar before. It is very difficult for us to know what to believe, can anyone post some genuine contact details so that the people of Lima can verify what is true and what is not?

    Lima academias de salsa 02 mrt 2007, 06:05 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • sela frauds

    If you know Dan Sela you can hear him wtiting some of his responses, all we say is we were taken in by him so watch out he will take what he can cash,phones whatever is handy. He has to go to South America as he is wanted in other countries.He claims to be everything according to his CV look at the Robotix company in the UK he stole a lot of peoples money then went to salsa in Spain. That seems to have ended now and he has moved to pastures new.

    anonymous 02 mrt 2007, 11:20 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Dan Sela in Peru

    Dear all, Dan Sela has landed in Peru a month ago and he has just been catched for a suppossed Salsa Congress that would obviously never take place. If you want to contact the people that is promoting his trial please write to: [email removed]. Lisset Guillermo; she will give you more information on details, names, etc. He has been staying at Hotel Espana for a month and has not payed a single day yet!!! So we all know what's next.
    Please, respond to that e-mail address so this man can really get what he deserves!!!
    By the way, lawyers and fans are "anonymous"... yeah, sure!
    Contact Lisset, maybe you can do something now that he's here.

    Diana Chavez. Peru. T: +511 92462755 03 mrt 2007, 04:44 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Dan Sela is in jail

    it gives me no pleasure to tell you that after finding this site some of us, performers and delegates at the proposed salsa congres in Lima, alerted the police. we have spent much of the day with the police and this evening watched Dan & Gina being led away in handcuffs.
    Channel N who aired film of them dancing this week will tomorrow (Saturday 7am Lima time) report on their arrest.
    All of us lost money on the congress but some lost more than that, the opportunity to dance at an international congress and to represent our countries. The money can eventually be replaced but the dreams cannot.
    What a sad day for salsa but thank you to all those who posted this information and saved others from losing money.

    salseros in Lima 03 mrt 2007, 09:34 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Good call !!

    Great to hear about this guy getting what he deserves!!

    I hope he cannot bribe his way out of a Peruvian jailhouse and escape the country. If he does, that people find this site as it looks like it has really helped a few people.

    Salsero jodido 03 mrt 2007, 10:25 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Dan Sela arrest

    Well done any chance of posting a press cutting or photograph.

    Justice 04 mrt 2007, 12:03 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • photos

    Channel N had it on the news today, if I can film it I'll put it on youtube and post a link

    salseros in Lima 04 mrt 2007, 12:12 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Dan is free again.

    I am one of the people that got lured into this false congress in Lima. I am presently staying in Hotel España. Friday was very sweet: we went to the police and we saw dan being arrested. But today I just saw Dan in the hotel again. Apparently he has been released by the police so that he can pay everyone back. Of cource that is not going to happen. He is probably leaving the country right now... Anyway, it is not really the money that I am that angry about. It is just that I was really looking forward to this congress and so were a lot of other people. Some of them put a lot of time and effort into the performances they were supposed to do. My salsa teacher from Cuzco was also fooled and for him 180$ is really a lot of money. I disapprove of stealing but what Dan is doing is worse because he plays with people's hopes and expectations.
    But although we were all dissapointed, we were already dancing again in the police station and we have been doing a lot of dancing in the past weekend and getting lessons from some of the teachers that came here for nothing. What I mean to say is that Dan will never be able to kill the salsa spirit...

    Daniel 05 mrt 2007, 04:06 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • we need your help

    i'm putting together a dossier on dan sela to expose him i need any information on his exploits particularly in spain and england anyone who has been scammed by him anything hopefully we can get some of the money back if not he will be named and shamed publicly

    anyone with any information can contact me Rachel at [email removed]

    or janice at [email removed]

    any information will be treated confidentially u dont have to give your name just any onformation u may have the tiniest thing could help

    rachel 05 mrt 2007, 09:05 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • dan sela

    sorry was a spellin mistake in above message u can contact me on [email removed]

    rachel 05 mrt 2007, 09:17 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Arrest in Peru

    (Publicado: Sábado, 03 de Marzo de 2007)

    Un ciudadano israelí fue intervenido ayer por los efectivos policiales de la Dirección de Turismo y Ecología, en el Cercado de Lima por la presunta Comisión del Delito Contra el Patrimonio (Estafa), quien se presentaba ante sus victimas como seudo organizador de eventos internacionales en agravio de peruanos y extranjeros

    El detenido Dan Sela de 49 años de nacionalidad israelí fue intervenido por los efectivos policiales en circunstancias que se encontraba en compañía de la mexicana identificada como Gina Navarrete Vargas de 27 años, quienes sorprendían a incautos promocionando el evento internacional denominado "I Congreso Internacional de Salsa y Timba en Lima Perú",.

    Las investigaciones se iniciaron luego que una de las victimas, el ciudadano austriaco Reihhold Bern (43), efectuó la denuncia policial contra Dan Sela por la presunta comisión de delito Contra el Patrimonio en agravio de él y otras personas de diversas nacionalidades.

    De inmediato se planificó un operativo policial en el cual se ubicó en un Hostal de la avenida España a otras diez personas extranjeras y peruanas quienes se encontraban en espera de la supuesta inauguración del evento internacional .

    Un personal policial se contactó con los sospechosos, quienes inmediatamente le ofrecieron la realización del Congreso previo pago de ciento ochenta dólares motivando de inmediato la intervención policial, luego del registro respectivo se les halló entre sus pertenencias vauchers de diversas entidades bancarias y volantes de promoción del mencionado evento internacional.

    Cabe indicar que el detenido tiene un amplio prontuario en la comisión de hechos delictivos a nivel internacional. Las diligencias correspondientes continúan.

    Salsero desconfiado 07 mrt 2007, 02:54 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • publicity

    I received this from a german friend about a website which is publicising the Lima congress, she contacted them yesterday and informed them of what happened in Lima.
    How very strange. Had a look at Where they had a desctiption yesterday of that salsa congress in Peru, they now say that they've started to collect links to salsa festivals and salsa congresses of interest to them on a separate site.

    If you follow that link to that site, you then get three links - to, and to a google search and the same picture of the salsa congress in Peru with a heading: "congresses we wrote about".

    If you click on the links, the congress is not mentioned, but if you click on the picture, you get to more or less the same write up as yesterday and still no mention that it doesn't take place.

    salseros in Lima 07 mrt 2007, 07:04 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Cancun Beware

    Dan Selas next venture is in Cancun as he advertises it CANCUN BEWARE please circulate as many salsa clubs about this CON man.He has links to many clubs and feeds off them.

    Anonymous 07 mrt 2007, 09:13 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Sela Salsa Lima website

    I notice that all information from this website listing the performers and schedule have been deleted, possibly because the police's case rests on him selling passes to an event that was not as advertised. Lucky I saved all the pages first eh? I also have some flyers from Lima advertising it at the Bolivar and the original ones for the Sheraton.

    Anonymous 08 mrt 2007, 01:00 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • What a scam

    He tried to scam the World Salsa Federation, but we were on to him almost immedietly. We tried to warn others but some would not listen. Too Bad. Hope he gets what is coming to him.

    Isaac Altman, CEO of the WSF 08 mrt 2007, 09:29 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • Sela Peru scam

    Look at the web site it advertuses the Peru congress and gives prices for fliers etc.

    Anonymous 08 mrt 2007, 03:57 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • more Sela cons

    I just read the web site refered to above it seems that he is now based in Mexico and extending his activites in the region even acting as a travel agent, the above web site outlines his plans for the future thank you for the notice take care all.Tell all Salsa organisations that you can of this man.

    anonymous 08 mrt 2007, 05:13 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • now I'm sure

    I've been trying to check information and decide if Dan Sela is simply an incompetent businessman or a crook, I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and only believe what I have seen or heard for myself or verified.
    That was until my friend got a threatening phone call telling him to stop asking about Dan Sela or else. Very few people at the congress had his cellphone number.

    For the record... it's ME who is asking questions so if anyone wants to try to stop me all my contact details are on BRING IT ON!

    Janice Walker 09 mrt 2007, 05:41 - Rapporteer misbruik
  • congress

    So was there a Salsa Congress in Peru after all?

    Anonymous 15 mrt 2007, 01:11 - Rapporteer misbruik
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