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  • We would like to add our support to a lot of the comments above - ALWAYS check whether the agent is licensed by INCI with a VALID AMI number. Very simply, if an agent has an AMI number the agent will display it, since it requires a lot of blood, sweat and tears to achieve one. If you are looking at a website which does not display an AMI number, then the agent will NOT be licensed. Even if an AMI number IS displayed, it is not necessarily valid, so needs to be checked on the INCI website. The best way to do this is to go to the link below, and insert the license number in question. You can try this with our number - 8433, in the box marked 'No. Licenca'


    Then you can see if the company's license is still valid. Unfortunately, for some bizarre reason, INCI still lists agents whose validity has expired, so you must check this for yourself. If the license is no longer valid, you will receive none of the benefits or protections of INCI registration, as the agent will be acting illegally. TO BE A LEGALLY OPERATING AGENT IN PORTUGAL YOU MUST HAVE A CURRENTLY VALID INCI MEMBERSHIP.
    One more thing - check that the name registered with INCI is the same as the name of the company displayed on the website. Some agents operate under several different company names, and this is also illegal.
    All of this is in place to ensure that you have a level of protection within the Portuguese system. There are many good agents in Central Portugal - it is worth taking the time and effort to find one that you can trust.


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