dentist, medical spacialist needed

  • Greetings.
    Pls help us to find much needed specialist for our clinic.
    Kindly if you have the fallowing qualifications, and interests let us know, otherwise forward this message to any colleagues, classmate you may know. I will sincerely appreciate and be thankful. It will be the life time chance you may give to your associate.
    My name is Alan ,from one of Persian golf countries. I belong to a medical family. I am also a graduate of 1998, dentistry from UB, Baguio city .
    We have a successful private orthopedic clinic that used to run under Faride(my younger sister)who is specialist in orthopedics and my mam, a nurse!
    Recently Faride got married to another orthopedist classmate of hers and she is going to move with her husband to Dubai, United Arab Emirate.
    So without supervision and orthopedic diploma license of my sister ,clinic will have to seize operations.
    That makes mam worried, so she looks for alternative. Since I studied in the Philippines, family is very familiar with pinoy culture & traditions. Mam visited Philippines two times.
    She would like to invite a qualified female orthopedist to come over and operate the clinic on partnership bases with her for a long time. If you prefer to settle in the country for good and become citizen, it will serve propose the best.
    Since processing of working visa and due process will take a long time and difficult to extend it indefinitely here, we would help you to get a marriage visa(only a formal one), new passport/citizenship. That will allow for you and mam to put the clinic under your supervision and diploma and continue operating as she did with my sister, under properly arranged contract b/w you and her on 50,50 income benefits. Remember that you will not be under her; you will be her equal partner as any other citizen of this country under equal rights.
    You can receive the new passport /national ID within 3 weeks from our embassy in manila and fly over to start your full practice after evaluating your diploma and issue of permit to work from department of health.
    You also will be offered a very comfortable, fully furnished unit in our house, free of charge. You may rent/buy your own residence if you wish for. Our house to clinic is 10 min easy ride.
    Clinic's net income for financial year 2006 was US $5,702.
    The necessary requirement to be able to enter in partnership with mam is:
    - You should be graduate of orthopedics or related specializations(as rheumatologist ,etc.) from fallowing schools only:
    Any other Philippines school diploma is not accredited by our government and sorry.
    - To process a marriage visa & citizenship you should be single, divorced or widow.
    Other wise we can't process the documents. We intend you to settle for good for a long time. You will have prospect of marriage here as any other citizen.
    - Physical appearance absolutely doesn't matter, we wish you are much experienced in you profession instead.
    - Age doesn't matter. However if your age is closer to my mam, you may have a better harmony in job, sisterhood and interests. (25 ~ 55 will be ok).
    - if your diploma is from Japan, USA, Europe, you will have a higher prospect of success here.
    Mam wish to extend clinic to other medical specialties. If you or your friends have such qualifications and interests above, other than orthopedic ,pls let us know.
    I've been in Baguio for 5 years. I know this is one of those chances that every educated Filipina dream's to happen over her life.
    My mam is a 57 y/o very kind graduate of nursing.
    Hard working, honest, very kind. She spends big chunk of her income for charity. At present she supports 11 orphaned kid from different families. Expenses, housing and their educations. That is why she aims to uphold clinic at least for another 10 years. Her motto is: I will stop working when I put wedding ring to the hand of last kid and send to the house of her beloved groom!
    About myself??!
    Humm! Good question indeed!
    I am a dentist graduated from UB Baguio city. Still single.
    I wish to marry with a kind loving Filipina specialist. Particularly, a maxillofacial surgeon, orthodontist or periodontist. Good choice ha! lol
    If you are the one well, I'll come for you to the Philippines!
    Pls E-mail to: [email removed]
    mabuhi , Sallamat po.

    allan 19 Jul 2007, 09:56 - Verstoß melden
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