Switzerland is boring!!!!

  • I am doing an exchange year in Zurich, and after a couple of months I have to say: Switzerland is just boring, and so are the Swiss!!!!

    For all the people thinking of moving here, you better think twice!! I personally regret having gone to Switzerland (I could have opted for Italy and Spain as well), as I honestly think my exchange year would have been far more interesting in another country!

    07 Jun 2007, 05:29 Michael
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  • sad but true

    OK, I know that Switzerland must be a haven for many foreigners living here, but i'm a spoilt,
    West European girl and I think it is the most tedious and lifeless place on the planet. Just looking out of the window at that bloody great big polluted grey lake fills me with a kind of hopeless, dreary loathing. Mountains, lakes, winter sports blah blah - you know what? THERE ARE MOUNTAINS AND LAKES ALL OVER THE WORLD. And winter sports are just the worst kind of displacement activity.
    The reason foreigners come here is for economic reasons - nothing to do with the so-called 'quality of life'. I came here for family and work, but honestly, I was happier being poor and and selfish, living well away from this self-important little country.
    I live in a biggish, expanding town close to Geneva - there's not a soul on the streets after 6.30pm. There's one tiny cinema showing utter crap. One tiny bookshop. The pace of life is so slow that you wonder why people bother waking up in the morning.
    The worst thing is, I don't even feel guilty writing all these nasty things - that's what the dullness of Swiss life does to you: it turns you into a raving, mad person who writes horrible things on the internet.
    One word of advice: if your looking for work steer clear from Swiss accountants or anything to do with finance. I work in an office where it's considered perfectly OK to say ni***r, but if there's a loss of 1euro all hell breaks loose.
    Sorry, just had to get that off my chest.

    lila 31 Mai 2008, 05:53 - Verstoß melden
  • Fribourg

    Wow, so much negativism. I am from Holland (Amsterdam)and I am going to live in Fribourg. But guess what: I like it. The mentality, the restaurants and the environment. True, the Swiss have their rules. And it seems dull. But what's wrong with that? In Amsterdam people dont't have respect for each other and don't respect the rules. That's cool. It's a free city so why should you. But a little bit more respect and rules is allright. So I can't wait to move to Fribourg.

    Dutchie 04 Jun 2008, 09:24 - Verstoß melden
  • To Don Dom

    Don dom says,
    "I'm Swiss and I live in Zurich and I've met great people from all around the world: Israel, France, Germany, Brasil, East-europe, Spain, Honduras etc... and they all had a great time here and enjoyed life in Switzerland."
    - GREAT people from all around the world? I notice there's no mention of great swiss people to be met here!
    Thank god the wages are high- I can afford to fly easyjet to escape to somewhere with fun to be had.

    Don dom says,
    "FYI: Winter= Go to Davos,Arosa,Zermatt etc.. and there you can Skii, Snowboard and PARTY!".
    FUN TO BE HAD BECAUSE THE TOURISTS ARE ALL ENGLISH (SPEAKERS).(And the Swiss are tucked up in bed)

    Fatweasel 05 Jun 2008, 08:45 - Verstoß melden
  • hello

    I like Switzerland... happy and I am Swedish, Irish, Colombian, Zimbabwean!!!

    mark 09 Jun 2008, 01:06 - Verstoß melden
  • I have nothing better to do!

    I don't like the Germans either..they can't even speak properly

    Tobias 09 Jun 2008, 01:08 - Verstoß melden
  • swiss move

    Interesting range of comments...! I am due to move to Switzerland with my g/f (a native) at the end of the year. I have serious doubts as, having visited the place, my initial thought was BORING. Beautiful place n all, love the lakes, the mountains...but something seemed to be missing for me...maybe a soul? Worse still, the in laws are MEGA rich and constantly only ever want to talk about career progression, salary earning potential and business. This isnt me at all so have no real interest in their riches. (and the fact they werent earned, rather inherited!)

    If anyone has been in a similar situation, Id be glad to hear thier take on this.

    George Best 09 Jun 2008, 09:36 - Verstoß melden
  • Switzerland is beautiful

    Ive been here a year, so I've had a chance to really appreciate Switzerland, i think though for many of you , you are either in the young party mode category - or simply unable to enjoy Switzerland for its best features - the concepts of community, old fashioned courtesy, kindness from strangers being lost on you... perhaps in years to come when you are considering building a family you'll turn kinder eyes to a nation that I still think holds the family and community at the forefront - i hope it never changes = to become another plastic land like so many other country's

    N 10 Jun 2008, 01:30 - Verstoß melden
  • Switzerland - the best part is leaving

    The best thing about Switzerland is leaving. I have to drive through there to get from Germany to Italy. They hold you up at the border, give you change in their useless currency and talk about speed traps! There's a law now I can't use my Tom-Tom to check for speed traps. Forget all the big boy money laundering, they go for someone having GPS! Go figure. Thank god it only takes 2 hours to get the hell out...boring and expensive.

    Homer 11 Jun 2008, 07:58 - Verstoß melden
  • Ne conjugare nobiscum

    I'm Swiss and I'm bilingual Italian and German. Also I speak perfect French (I'm now working in Geneva), I can speak English, a bit of Spanish and basic Korean. U should at least try to use the local language to communicate instead of complaining that Swiss are close-minded or even racist. Go to any other non-English speaking country in Europe and see how they treat you if you only speak English!
    About racism again just compare with other European countries! My wife is Korean and it's true... sometimes she is a bit discriminated. But in most of the other European countries, like Italy for example, it's much worse!
    You just get all wrong! I could continue writing pages to contradict almost everything you said. Switzerland is not perfect but I traveled enough to say that this country is a great place where to leave in.

    robgee 15 Jun 2008, 04:54 - Verstoß melden
  • Ne conjugare nobiscum

    I'm Swiss and I'm bilingual Italian and German. Also I speak perfect French (I'm now working in Geneva), I can speak English, a bit of Spanish and basic Korean. U should at least try to use the local language to communicate instead of complaining that Swiss are close-minded or even racist. Go to any other non-English speaking country in Europe and see how they treat you if you only speak English!
    About racism again just compare with other European countries! My wife is Korean and it's true... sometimes she is a bit discriminated. But in most of the other European countries, like Italy for example, it's much worse!
    You just get all wrong! I could continue writing pages to contradict almost everything you said. Switzerland is not perfect but I traveled enough to say that this country is a great place where to leave in.

    robgee 15 Jun 2008, 04:54 - Verstoß melden
  • switzerland

    I live in Dubai and when I went to switzerland i realized what is beauty , guys I think switzerland is great and I will be going to live there soon.
    For those whao said things like (FU** SWITZERLAND),I hope you can be polite and learn how to respect.

    Omar 17 Jun 2008, 07:31 - Verstoß melden
  • Switzerland is NOTHING

    My country gave me a full-scholarship to do a master's degree in Economics, and I had to choose among Switzerland, France and Canada, so because I was stupid dumb I chose Switzerland sad . I thought Swiss are the best in banking and finance fields and it is a rich country so it could be the best, so I studied during two years in Lausanne, I passed and earned a master, but to be honest: it was the worse experience in my life, switzerland is too boring, Switzerland sucks in arts in sports in sciences in fun, they are nothing, they are only good at cheese, chocolate and watchs manufacturing, they only think about how to work and earn money, salaries are very high, their main leisure activity is going to a bar to drink a beer and smoke cigarettes. Look at any Swiss University you will find that most teachers and researchers are French, German or American. Swiss private banks are the best but do you know why ?! simply because they accept the dirty money ( so-called the secret accounts), also attract the rich people around the world because Switzerland has low wealth tax rates !! Switzerland is very small, every city is considered as a State, it is a confederation, so as a foreigner you have to obtain a residence permit from every city (Canton) you want to live in! it is 4 regions with 4 different official languages, Swiss German, French, Italian, Romansh. Life is too expensive, don't believe that there are social aids, foreigners can't ask social aids because if they did they would be considered as '' costs and fees charged by the government '' so they would be ordered to leave the country. I agree with people who talked about racism in Switzerland, yes laws are racist, foreigners who are not white ( non european citizens ) are in shit situations, they are always considered unqualified when they apply for a job even if they are graduated from Swiss universities. It is a beautiful country but there are many more beautiful countries, for example France and England are more beautiful. Finally, all what I said is what I saw and knew during two years in Switzerland and thanks God I'm not there anymore, so personally I don't advise any foreigner to live in Switzerland ( only if you want to save money and if you are sure 100% that you will get a job).

    Djana 19 Jun 2008, 09:23 - Verstoß melden
  • From Barcelona to Geneva


    I currently live in Barcelona and I'm thinking of moving to Geneva, one would think that this is a big mistake, Barcelona being such a nice, bug, fun, exciting city, and welll, yes, in a way it is, but it isn't. The problem here in Barcelona is that, life is so expensive and salaries are so low that in the end, you haven't got any money to enjoy life in the city. For example, the average gross salary is between 12.000€-18.000€ per year, the average rent is 900€/month, so after paying you rent you have maybe 300-400€ left which is nothing, unless you share with 2 or 3 other people, and not all of us like to share with so many other people. I can understand that Geneva might not be the most exicting place in the world, but it's in a good location, you have Lyon in France which is a big city just about 115Km away, you have the trains to Paris that take 3 1/2 hours, I mean, you don't HAVE to stay in Geneva, there are other options. I'm going there next week for 4 days to check it out.

    Oliver 27 Jun 2008, 02:51 - Verstoß melden
  • reply to michael

    i think michael is boring... hahaha... swizzy is the best place in da world!! i am not a swiss but live in swizzy!! michael if u act boring than ur lost in swizzy..swiss people are crazy sexy kool... and im proud to stay in swizzy!!! and remember u find only 30% of swiss people in swizzy, the other people come from italy, spain, croatia, albania, france, germany, africa, thailand, china and india.. so if u dissin on switzerland than ur dissin on the whole world, cuz the whole world stays in swizzy!!!!!!!!

    tash 30 Jun 2008, 01:15 - Verstoß melden
  • My viewpoint

    Hi. I work for 3 months in CH and made pretty good friends with the Swiss and is having a pretty good time.

    I strongly believe a place is what you make of it, and some of you are so negative maybe some of you have other issues and should consider getting some help.

    Klaas 08 Jul 2008, 03:45 - Verstoß melden
  • Gay

    No, I'm not.... but I often use this word when describing Switzerland in a condensed or abbreviated form.

    The word "Gay", in this sense, isn't used with any of the traditional ties to sexual preference, homosexual slandering, or even the previous connection to a euphoric emotional state.

    I use the word Gay in a more neo-classic/ contemporary-colloquial tense, ie:

    ex - man who shaves his body hair
    re - "dude... that's gay"

    ex - man with purse
    re - "dude... that looks gay"

    ex - any language that ends all words with "li"
    re - "dude... that sounds gay"

    ex - parking attendant who gives you a ticket for 2.75 minutes over the meter
    re - "dude... you are f#@king gay"

    ex - person who tucks their undershirt into their underwear
    re - "dude... that is gay"

    ...and I think you get the idea.

    Most of the other horrible things I could have said after 2 years in Switzerland have already been beaten to death here, so I thought I would try a fresh angle. Coming from Southern California, and having lived in many foreign countries over the past 12 years, I moved to CH without any prejudices or preconceptions. I had never visited a forum like this, nor had I spent any previous extended amounts of time in CH to develop sour tastes or spoiled dreams.

    I consider myself a very well-rounded person, culturally, emotionally, socially, scholastically, etc, etc, etc.... and I've never "disliked" a country, culture, or people in any of my travels or life experiences.

    Switzerland, with all of its nuances and idiosyncrasies... is a horrible place. I patiently count-down the days until my working contract here is completed.

    I would like to type this one more time... like a freedom for my fingers and an outlet for my mind:

    "Switzerland is a Horrible Place".

    dougan 25 Jul 2008, 09:34 - Verstoß melden
  • boring

    I was in Switzerland about a week ago. We (a group of 56 people) stayed in Zurich for a day and within two hours we were ready to leave. Advice: If you are going to Europe don't waste your time in this country.

    Frida 01 Aug 2008, 06:10 - Verstoß melden
  • Boring?

    Switzerland has the most per capita spending on entertainment. Concerts etc, especially in the summer! You must be a fool not to find fun places there.. Going out, bars, lakes, surfing, skiing, para glyding etc..
    I lived there for a while. I had some of my best time in my life!
    As we say here in the US: go home if you don't like it!

    Go Raiders! 02 Aug 2008, 10:00 - Verstoß melden
  • swiss suck

    sad it actually depresses me more to know that it is not my problem to find that the swiss are awful but to understand it is a fact... at least if it had been my problem, i could have changed something...

    bored 13 Aug 2008, 03:23 - Verstoß melden
  • True

    Yes, the swiss are awful assholes... and they will try to tell you that it's your fault, and that they are perfect, but then after you realise that it's the Swiss mentality to not accept criticism and to blame foreigners for every problem they have in their worthless shitty country.

    Sick of Swiss 13 Aug 2008, 05:44 - Verstoß melden
  • better english? please!

    maybe you can speak four three or four languages as the swiss do. i'm sure they probably speak english better than you. if you don't like schweiz, just leave please. go away, all of you assholes!! this is europe, where the people are civilized and we ain't f***ing the others all the time like americans do.
    yankees go home!

    rusty_james 14 Aug 2008, 09:28 - Verstoß melden
  • rusty-James is retarded

    rusty_james must not even live in switzerland. if so he would know the swiss only speak their shitty local dialect and never communicate in another language of another part of switzerland. swiss people are retarded, they learn english and french in school for 5 years and they still can't speak more than one or two words (and they refuse to speak it if they see you are a foreigner.)

    furthermore, most of the people here complaining about how horrible switzerland is aren't even americans, they come from all nationalities all over the world, including other europeans, so you prove that you are truly a retarded motherf***er, rusty_james.

    Fuck off the Swiss people 14 Aug 2008, 10:00 - Verstoß melden
  • Jackson

    Hahaha VERY WELL SAID:
    I was in Switzerland about a week ago. We (a group of 56 people) stayed in Zurich for a day and within two hours we were ready to leave. Advice: If you are going to Europe don't waste your time in this country.

    Wow. 20 Aug 2008, 04:34 - Verstoß melden
  • Et

    I am a French guy living in Switzerland and I confirm that Switzerland and Swiss are the most boring, close-minded, cold bastards on earth !

    Et 21 Aug 2008, 02:00 - Verstoß melden
  • ^^ Agreed

    French guy got it right. Even other europeans think Switzerland is a boring, closed nation of assholes. Switzerland is not European and we hope they never even think about joining the EU.

    Jack 21 Aug 2008, 08:17 - Verstoß melden
  • for all those boring people

    do not take about a country with angry words... do not go to a country with bad impressions...do not critize people how they are...just because they are not like you does not mean they are boring, they are disrespectful...the only thing that i can say...you did not adapt enough to the culture to feel welcomed and to find some friends... there is a reason why one does not feel welcomed...and it is not because of a culture...it is because of oneself...you are not open! so never complain about a place on this planet...because each one is unique and has its qualities...just open your eyes and change your mind and you will find the beauty everywhere...do not judge a book by its cover

    bubu 22 Aug 2008, 06:51 - Verstoß melden
  • To "bubu"

    And you do not have the right to talk, you do not have the experience that other people on this forum have had of living in shitzerland. On the surface it may look great, but there are plenty of issues for foreigners who live here, you can't see it until you've been here for at least a year.

    You are naive 23 Aug 2008, 03:25 - Verstoß melden
  • @you are naive

    so why don't you go home then?

    smith 23 Aug 2008, 03:44 - Verstoß melden
  • eh

    Switzerland is not even europe, they have completely different systems. If you hate switzerland then you will probably like europe and vice versa. The people in europe are entirely different than the people in switzerland. Actually the swiss people are more similar to american people, in the sense that they are both selfish bastards who only care about themselves and about money.

    I shit on Shitzerland 25 Aug 2008, 02:46 - Verstoß melden
  • shitzerland



    rosenbergerbitch 31 Aug 2008, 05:15 - Verstoß melden
  • emigration to switzerland

    hello all i want to emigrate to switzerland because good money and good jobs in switzerland. but i hate switzerland people and switzerland culture lik all people in the forum here. can i still find job in switz? why switzerland people hate me? why switzerland people so racist people? thanks.

    Simon 02 Sep 2008, 10:43 - Verstoß melden
  • Well...

    After reading all your comments i must say i miss home even more now!!!! (From Oz) I miss my family and friends.. i miss having people come to visit whenever they want??!?!!!! NO appointments! No invitations!! Just free and happy to see u.. I also miss a great laugh.. You know, those laughs that just keep going where you're crying of laughter and can't breath anymore! Those ones! Not just a little cackle every now and then.

    I miss being as loud as i want, when i want! I miss having a shower all hours of the day even at 2am!!! And not having to worry that i'll wake the neighbours!

    There are lots of things that i miss... Those of you who are from CH, will never understand. You're used to the life here.. for you it's just how it is.. but for us... it drives us crazy.. really crazy.

    Missing home 06 Sep 2008, 02:32 - Verstoß melden
  • Boring isn't the worst of it

    I've lived here since I was quite young, and in my opinion, the problem with the swiss is not that they're boring (although maybe that's just because I never had to "crack the shell", or maybe I'm just boring myself). I think that the typical complaints that the Swiss are boring and cold overshadow the more serious issues.

    Among these are racism, sexism, conservatism, the "everything by the book" mentality that someone mentioned (this might just seem quaint when you're disconnected from Swiss society, but really, it makes for a very oppressive and frustrating experience), the ultra-conformism, the love of control, of ratting out one's neighbor, etc, etc.

    Really, Switzerland is a country of mountain-folk that just happens to be in the center of Europe. And rich. This already makes for a very peculiar society, but it is made even more peculiar by the huge gap that exists between this reality and the self-perception of many of them. The Swiss think that with the exception of those aspects in which they imagine to be better (hard-working, punctual...), they are just a modern western European country like any other. Take sexism for example: while some Swiss will admit that gender equality is not fully achieved, they think that nonetheless, the situation in Switzerland is as good as it gets anywhere.

    By the way, this illustrates one of the three ways they refuse to consider criticism or acknowledge problems: They say, go elsewhere, it's just as bad. The second is the platitude "you can't generalize". The third way is to accuse the critic of having personal issues, such as being "frustrated", as seen in this forum. This last tactic is also a powerful deterrent to potential Swiss critics, who from youth are given no option but to psychologize their "frustrations" and deal with their "issues" internally instead of developing an attitude that could one day usher social change. But anyway, this kind of thinking helps them in never taking a critical look at their culture and society specifically.

    What is funny about the notion that things are the same or worse elsewhere, is that despite traveling a lot, the Swiss are surprisingly ignorant about how things are elsewhere. And yet they love to justify their frequent condemnation of anything by saying that such and such is not normal ... "c'est pas normal!" (at least in the French part). This is taken to be utterly clear and convincing. As if these tiny-village-in-an-isolated-valley-dwellers really had any idea of what is and isn't normal for most people.

    Oh, someone mentioned customer service, and I agree completely. Not only are people often extremely rude, they are also inept. This has much to do with not knowing what standards most people would expect, and not caring. There is also no mobility, people apprentice for a job in their teens and that's pretty much what they'll do all their life. This system is out of phase with the world that the Swiss are living in. While it might turn out highly skilled watchmakers, most people end up more stunted as a result. Honestly, is it really necessary to go through a whole apprenticeship, complete with exams and internship, to work in a stationary store?

    Enough for now, I have to get back to my boring day.

    sahar 15 Sep 2008, 01:30 - Verstoß melden
  • CH

    Extremely boring,specialist in the field of discrimination in according to nationality & religion and far away from the real sense of the term called neutrality.This is the price that most of the poor and middle class strangers must pay in order to be accepted by the safest country of our world.You can also forget everything about night life and music if you are not in love with techno,hip hop,disco and worst quality of regional pop rock produced by horrible swiss taste. So, you`d better to stay in your home country.Of course i have nothing to say if the reasons of your coming to Switzerland are being a poor person and not able to get enough bread for surviving in your home country.Because they have enough food for you and their domestic beasts.No worry about that....

    cher ok 18 Sep 2008, 09:17 - Verstoß melden
  • Swiss is sick

    The last comment of Sahar is greate '' Honestly, is it really necessary to go through a whole apprenticeship, complete with exams and internship, to work in a stationary store? '' this is really what is sad in switzerland, people here aren't happy even if they have good salaries they don't feel good after making efforts to get a shit position, hehehe like doing a 5 years university degree to get a job does not require any qualification, you feel sick, the worst thing when you know that your boss did not finish his high school education, he is the boss you dont why and how !

    foreigner in switzerland 19 Sep 2008, 12:34 - Verstoß melden
  • i am a swiss citizen and hate switzerland!

    i wasted 40 years of my life in switzerland. i am NOT proud to be a swiss citizen at all. i feel ashame being a part of a sanctimonious country that claims to be the most cleanest and most sicial liberal country for all race. well... for vacation it surely is a nice country but just look behind the curtain, there are young people so arrogant they call you a pedophile if you say "hello" to a 20 year old girl. hello? WTF! (i am 41) especially the girls are extremely rude and snoby. swiss people are false and sanctimonious. only the chinese are worse. i am glad i made it overseas, far far away from this country. 2 years yet and i can apply for the citizenship in my new homeland and you can bet your ass i will do so as soon as i am eliglible and i will spit on my swiss partport and send it back to the swiss embassy. since i left switzerland i am feeling as a free man!

    Reto 02 Okt 2008, 11:14 - Verstoß melden
  • Simply Awful

    I've been here for 18 years and speak the language, went to Swiss Uni and and work in a Swiss hospital. 99% of my friends are not Swiss, and I feel this place is a medievil village with too much money and is completely devoid of humour, joy of life. Despression is endogenous, suicide is high, women are dumbed-down and unhappy, the men are devoid of any charm, emotions are undeveleoped, the children are denied childhood, people are rubbish in bed. The wealth of culture in Europe makes this little provincial money-driven place fade into the background. I am leaving a.s.a.p

    The people will never change... So leave. I will

    Aussie-Italian in Basel 03 Okt 2008, 11:18 - Verstoß melden
  • Switzerland - The Beautiful and Boring

    Switzerland - The Beautiful and Boring

    Very beautiful, clean, green-environment friendly, good looking women, safe-very low crime rate Swiss are law abiding, chocolates, everything is in order and on time, high standard of living.

    Boring, quiet, language barrier, every shop is closed on Sundays, bland food and junk food (except chocolates and cheese), everything is expensive even the local McDonald's, Swiss TV shows suck, too many rules and regulations, people are stiff, cold, boring and can easily get irritated.

    If you are planning to move here better have second thoughts, I can only recommend is for you to have a week vacation here in Switzerland take pictures then leave.

    Ausländer in Helvetia 15 Okt 2008, 02:51 - Verstoß melden
  • Im due to move to switzerland next week!

    Damn you guys aint making my decision easier...It can't be that bad...London isn't exactly full of "outgoing" people..

    Superstar 16 Okt 2008, 12:00 - Verstoß melden
  • ugh

    Today was another cold, grey nightmare on the shores of Lake Geneva. I had a shitty, tedious day at my money obsessed workplace. Then I was reprimanded in the Migros for requesting a plastic bag to carry home my shopping (hypocritical, sanctimonious arseholes). Then as I was walking home I crossed at a zebra crossing and the car that was slowly approaching, accelerated really fast and screeched to a halt right in front of me. Scaring the shit out me as you can imagine.
    Don't come here. Don't even think about taking a holiday here. Don't even drive through in order to get to another country. Go the long way around.
    This is a vile place populated by vile people.

    London girl 31 Okt 2008, 06:39 - Verstoß melden



    XANADU 07 Nov 2008, 11:52 - Verstoß melden
  • Switzerland

    I have moved here from the UK about a year ago,

    Pretty obvious that the Country is a Tax Haven and its known around the world as that.

    They are corrupt double standard little bastards but they do have their uses, they have a very sniping outside the participation mentality that is never examined as they wont ever commit into participating with the rest of the world so this is nurtured into a very unusual cultural situation that is passed off as multi cultural democracy, that is even funnier than the UK's attempts.

    They are Financially useful and exploitable in their System against other EU Finance systems in the right times, not a place to "Make the money" very agreeable on taking money and giving you double standards on the amount you deposit in their system.

    No Country is perfect at all Switzerland has ALOT of minuses regarding their Culture their is no Culture, and the worst inferiority complex in the world, BE WARNED YOUNG PEOPLE IT IS NOT A PLACE TO GET ON THEIRS BRICK WALL AFTER BRICK WALL,


    SHitzerland 11 Nov 2008, 07:25 - Verstoß melden
  • Language problems!

    I have to laugh at these attempts at dialogue unfortunately without very good English Grammar even from native English speakers. One thing about most people writing here is that they are thick & that is why this whole thread is so distastefully abusive because there is nothing worse than thick people with strong opinions.

    Humanity makes me suicidal 11 Nov 2008, 09:35 - Verstoß melden
  • clockwork people

    i am on erasmus for about 4-5 months in suisse romande and, although the people are very polite, friendly, educated etc., it's been (after 2 months) impossible to get beyond the 'acquaintance' stage with them. par contre, i've become good friends with some Italians and Germans who live in the same building. the locals are indeed tedious however the thing that i find most depressing is the conservative ultra-organization of the society itself. there seems to be no room for human error or improvisation here. heck, i've never even seen a train/bus running late. having accostomized myself to south american standards after living there for a year, this came as a great shock. also, having travelled quite extensively i find that the less organized/developed countries are the ones in which human interaction is highly valued, although i did make many great friends and had an amazing time when i lived in the US (with the same standard of living as i "enjoy" in Switzerland). so i'm looking forward to finishing my studies here (to be fair the education system is world class and i have been learning in a very efficient manner) and getting back on the road, hopefully heading towards countries with more 'joie de vivre'.

    swiss miss 12 Nov 2008, 01:28 - Verstoß melden
  • Re: Language Problems

    No you are quite standardly right sir !,

    Theirs nothing worse than thick people with a opinion very well said how understandably dare they,

    But then even worse to find ineptness of real natural understanding something that Switzerland lacks against any other Culture around the world that actually participates and commits rather than having a Strong Neutral non committal empty substanceless time consuming backwards Opinion,

    The Swiss and Switzerland have their uses but its left at that, a funny little Country with funny little people that " think " they have a handle on wealth, the point is would they even have a grasp on what wealth is without the rest of the world?

    Take away their money and material what are you left with a bunch of watchmakers, chocolate makers etc.. that sell Services to the rest of the World, with a neutral unexperienced political take on the rest of the Globe, keep your strong opinion where it belongs Sir.

    Also " Worth " a mention the highest suicide rate in Europe ( Yes the Countries around Switzerland ),

    Now why would that be ?

    Shitzerland 30 Nov 2008, 01:25 - Verstoß melden
  • The swiss are Nazis

    Switzerland is a terrible place to exist. People are cold unfriendly and depressing to be around. This expat community you talk about is the same as with time they transform into the walking dead to. Bad quality of food shitty weather. The police are like the Gestapo enforcing there ridiculous little laws. Worst of all the Swiss are the most terrible lovers in the world.

    Hate this place 05 Dez 2008, 10:00 - Verstoß melden
  • English are not friendlier

    well i live in UK , lived here for 3 years, all my friends are foreigners, and their frriends too....!

    Nino 06 Dez 2008, 03:51 - Verstoß melden
  • come to switzerland?...never!!! ever!!!

    i lived in switzerland for 3 years...canton of vaud(valle de joux)...people, you believe me or not, it was de worse years of my whole life! i felt so lonely...i was born in sydney(australia) and it was a big and strong shock for me, you all can have idea! swiss people are very nationalist and whitout''heart''! they don't like friendship...they think they are the best in world, but they aren't in all de points! more than money, more than images the most important is the nature of the humain being and swiss are one of the worst in world! try yourselfs to live there and you will know what had talkin about...good luck!

    sergio 18 Dez 2008, 06:24 - Verstoß melden
  • Nihil ex nihilo fit

    People who constantly whine about being bored are themselves shallow, insecure, ignorant and incurious. In a word, they are themselves boring in extremis. Their brains are vacuous and their personalities dimensionless. They must fill themselves with external sources of noise and so-called entertainment because there lives are but undeveloped shells devoid of definition and meaning.

    The world, natural and manmade, offers infinite interest for those with native curiosity and more than a smidgen of intelligence. Look within or without; there are marvels everywhere. As Shakespeare (ever heard of him?) wrote, "I could be imprisoned in a walnut shell and count myself king of infinite space."

    Nothng comes from nothing. Whining about being bored is like blaming society because you wasted your life. In the end, YOUR life is what YOU, not others, make of it. If you're bored, it's because you were given the paints but never bothered to create anything on the canvas. It's your own damn lazy fault.

    Burgermeister 19 Dez 2008, 10:33 - Verstoß melden
  • Losers need not apply

    It's good to see so many losers, ignoramuses and ne'er-do-wells trashing Schweiz. This is great negative advertising! We in Switzerland don't want the low-lives and degenerates coming here. To them, we say: Oh! it's so boring here and we look down our noses at you; you will hate it here! Better for us that we welcome people of class, quality and industry. Losers and stupidos need not apply.

    Hansel 19 Dez 2008, 11:14 - Verstoß melden
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