Property Prices

Price guide for the Croatian coastline

Property Prices

It is very difficult to pigeonhole prices to properties - obviously there are various “hot spots” and “getting warmer spots” in Croatia!

It is a rising market but when compared to equivalent properties in Spain, France and Italy they are consistently at least 30 to 40 per cent cheaper, and in my opinion Croatia is a much nicer country – the Med as it was 30 years ago. Bargains still come up and you need to move quickly when they do!

As a very general guide the following may be of help:

Property prices in different areas of Croatia

Price Range (€)

Property and area


Entry budget level for ruins/Basic land plots/ Small houses-inland Croatia


One bed apartments/Larger Ruins/Land Plots/Larger properties with land- inland Croatia

70,000 –90,000

Basic stone house in need of refurbishment/Larger land plots

100,000 –120,000

Larger stone house in need of refurbishment/cosmetic work/2-3 Bed Apartments


Restored small stone houses/All of the above closer to the sea/airports/tourist towns


Restored large stone houses/luxury apartments

250,000 –350,000 Euros

Large Houses and apartments with land and/or first/close to the sea


Large luxury properties, close to sea, very close to major airports and tourist hot spots

750,000 +

Commercial opportunities/Castles/Ex palaces

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