Finding a job

How to find a job in Denmark

Finding a job

Looking for a job in Denmark does not have any hidden tricks or shortcuts; it is more or less the same process as in most other European countries.

Here are the most common ways to go about looking for a job in Denmark:

Classified ads: You find these in local newspapers, magazines, supermarkets and online. Although the vast majority of Danes speak very good English, some smaller Danish companies operate in Danish, so some of the adverts you read will be posted in Danish.

Direct application: If you have some idea of the type of company you want to work for, you can simply send in a copy of your CV to the relevant companies, together with a job application letter stating why you are interested in working for the company. If you are responding to a job vacancy advertised by the company, you should also provide educational certificates and, if possible, references from past employers.

Job fairs and career events: This is an excellent way to meet potential employers face-to-face, as well as getting an insight into what it is like to work for different companies by chatting their representatives. These fairs are often used by companies looking to recruit quickly. They are usually advertised in newspapers and online and are free to attend.

Job portals or recruitment agencies: You can submit your CV and allow potential employers to discover you themselves when they are looking to recruit. This reduces the amount of work you put in to the job search, but relying on this route really does restrict your options. Depending on where you submit your CV, you may also have to pay a charge for the service.

Networking: Many vacancies in Denmark do not get advertised publicly. A large number of positions are actually filled through word of mouth. Therefore you should not underestimate the importance of asking people you meet if they know of any companies that are recruiting and see if they can point you in the right direction.

Student jobs: The hiring process for student jobs is the same as normal jobs, though there are job portals aimed specifically at students looking for a job in Denmark. Some higher education institutions also have links to student job portals.

How long does it take to get a job in Denmark?

Finding a job in Denmark can be a very time consuming process, especially if there are a lot of applicants for the same position and if everyone needs to be interviewed. If the job has a large number of candidates, the process could take several months. This is where those extra skills, qualifications and knowledge of Danish could really work in your favour!

When looking for a job in Denmark, you should put yourself in the best position possible by being pro-active in your search and, most importantly, making sure you have secured a valid work permit well in advance if you need one.

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