The Danish job market


The unemployment rate in Denmark is relatively low compared to other EU countries. As a foreigner you have a reasonable chance of finding a job in Denmark, especially if you are well qualified and if you can speak a little bit of Danish.

Denmark has a strong reputation for agriculture, furniture and clothing, interior design, medicine, IT and communications and many other industries. You will find many Danish companies who are prepared to take on foreign workers as long as they have the necessary skills and qualifications from their home country.

Many multinational companies operating in Denmark use English as their main business language. Even so, as with any job you apply for, having some knowledge of an extra language will always work in your favour. On the other hand Danish companies often operate in Danish, so you will be at a disadvantage if you do not have any knowledge of the language. In any case, if your mother tongue is not English and you do not have a decent knowledge of the Danish language, it is very unlikely that you will be able to find a white-collar job.

A growing trend in the Danish job market is the hiring of employees for temporary work. This is quite a new concept in Denmark, with temping agencies available to provide information for expats looking for temporary work. They have a list of job openings and will suggest the most suitable options according to your qualifications.

On the whole, the Danish job market is fairly unpredictable. Finding a job is never easy in any country, but the Danish market does tend to favour jobseekers. Some companies in Denmark are actually struggling to fill their vacancies with competent new recruits.

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