looking for BPO jobs in dubai

  • well hi friends my name is Mohammad.i am from hyderabad, i am working in a M.N.C ....
    i am planing to come to dubai so wanted to know what is the scope i can find and what canof jobs can i get. i am pursing graduation .. i am very keen to know if i can get a job in a call centre or B.P.O as i am from thesame background. if anyone there canhelp me then i would be thank full to that person. pls do reply me on [email removed] i would be waiting

    thank u happy

    31 Mar 2008, 06:17 mohd mujtaba ahmed ali
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  • hi

    do you got job in dubai now?Iam also from BPO in chennai, but trying in IT sector,how u r trying?
    mail me at [email removed]

    gopi kumaran 11 May 2008, 04:20 - Report
  • Looking for BPO Jobs in Dubai

    Hi... I'm also lookin for BPO jobs in Dubai, having more than 2 years exp in the same industry, if anyone goes through this, kindly let me know.
    email : [email removed].

    Raji Nair

    Raji Nair 11 May 2008, 05:53 - Report
  • Plenty of Call Center Jobs in Dubai

    Hi this is Farhan from Dubai, i have been working for a MNC in Dubai for 3 years now and making lot of money, i am a graduate from OU and worked with GENPACT for 2 years, so i strongly believe that a person who looks forward to pursue BPO career in Dubai should atleast have bachelor's degree and 2 years of work experience in the same field.

    Farhan 29 May 2008, 06:43 - Report
  • Hi Farhan.

    this is Ali here would you please tell me as to how did you apply for the job there and what kind of package can any body expect.

    Ali 03 Jun 2008, 02:47 - Report
  • want a bpo job in dubai

    hi i am anziv basnet now i am in dubai working in a landmark companey i want to join the call center or bpo companey in dubai so if i have any chance to join then please send a mail in this id ([email removed])

    anjeev basnet chhetri 09 Jun 2008, 06:53 - Report
  • jobs in dubai

    Hi Frineds,this is Rehan from Kolkata is looking forward to work in Bpo.in Dubai.Anybody working in Dubai can please send me an email of the procedure and guide me how to get a job in Dubai BPO...........I'll be waiting for answer of my friends, thanking you and best of luck to all working in abroad.....................

    Rehan Ahmed 10 Jun 2008, 05:25 - Report
  • Looking for BPO JOBS

    Hi... I'm also lookin for BPO jobs in Dubai, having more than 3years exp in the same industry, if anyone goes through this, kindly let me know.
    email : [email removed]

    shiva 16 Jun 2008, 03:40 - Report
  • BPO Jobs in Dubai

    This is Sagar from Pune. Am looking for BPO jobs in Dubai. I am currently with top BPO company in India. I have 2&1/2 yrs of BPO experience and 3 yrs of experience in Manufacturing(Supply Chain Management). Let me know if I can get job either in BPO or Supply Chain domain.

    Pls mail me at : [email removed]

    Sagar 16 Jun 2008, 10:02 - Report
  • Looking for BPO jobs

    This is PAYAL from Chandigarh.Looking for BPO jobs in Dubai.I have experince in NGO.Basicaly i am a doctor, but want to be open in every field.Very much interested in working in a call center.
    mail at;[email removed]

    PAYAL MAHENDRU 17 Jun 2008, 09:15 - Report
  • Looking for bpo jobs is dubai

    This is Rajeshkuar I have 2 years experience in us based medical billing bpo.I would like to work in dubai If I job in bop industry.
    Email [email removed]

    Rajeshkuamr 18 Jun 2008, 10:20 - Report
  • iam a pharma graduate

    have 1+ experience in medical billing . can any on ein dubai say how is the oppurtunities in dubai for medical billing.

    madhusudan 02 Jul 2008, 09:35 - Report
  • for got to give mil id

    [email removed]

    s.madhusudn 02 Jul 2008, 09:39 - Report
  • Looking for bpo jobs is dubai

    Hi Iam Molly Sarju Iam looking for a job in BPO.

    My job discreption are given below.

    Current Experience

    Organization : GENPACT
    Joining Date : December 1st 2003
    Designation : Risk Analyst

    Current Process : eAudit
    In this Process : Since August 2006
    Profile : Internal Auditor

    Underwriting eAudit: - Ensure that the Senior Risk Manager has complied with all underwriting guidelines before approving the deal:

     Know your customer (Customer Background): RDC, Equifax, Lexis Nexis, CBR, D&B.
     Collateral Valuation: Verify whether collateral valuation is done as per the underwriting guidelines
     Exit Strategy: Validate Existence of exit strategy and ensure that it is sufficient with the deal size.
     Financial Analysis: Ensure that financial analysis is performed for historical financial statements and all covenants are in compliance.
     Approval limit: Validate the approval limit of the approval authority
     Portfolio management compliance

    Preparation of the Audit scope: (Data Analytics)

     Sampling the input data using pivot table based on defined sampling criteria for underwriting audit.
     Scrubbing data for better presentation
     Validation of data with other sources
     Preparing sampling tollgates and input tollgates
     Sorting the customers based on high exposure, delinquency status and stressed concepts.
     Study the underwriting matrix and triggers defined for that particular year.

    Dashboard presentation:

     Presenting the dashboard to the customer on monthly basis on the defects witnessed in the process of audit.
     Dashboard includes the defect trend.
     Flag is raised for the breach of policy and high lightened in the dashboard.

    Prior to this Process

    Process : Healthcare Financial Services
    In this Process : Since July 2005
    Designation : Senior Risk Associate
    Profile : Underwriting support

    Financial Spreading
     Input the financials in the spreading software – Moody’s Risk Analyst.
     Generate reports with various financial ratios and indicators.

    Financial Analysis
     Providing bullet points highlighting trends, abnormalities and large balances, focusing on Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement.
     Preparation of tables such as Summary table including all ratios and financial indicators, Revenue Mix and Expenses Mix tables, LTD table, etc.,
     Policy 5.0 Reporting - GE Exposure considering REM and PMS contracts.
     Checking Customer Credit rating by inputting the financials in the ARK site.
     IT Credit box – Risk rating arrived based on ten parameters / financial indicators. Used for deals involving funding for software.

    Process : European Equipment Finance (EEF) – UK
    Duration : December 2003 to June 2005
    Designation : Senior Risk Associate
    Profile : Credit Admin, Booking & Funding

     Creating a customer in Dec Alpha by inputting all the details from a loan/lease proposal form.
     Providing Experian and Delphi search extract from website.
     On acceptance of loan/lease proposal of a customer, we receive a document. We scrutinize the document based on UK norms. Once we find everything is fine, we go ahead book and fund the deal.

     Got promoted as Risk Analyst (Band 4) on June 01, 2007.
     Got promoted as Process Developer (Senior Risk Associate) on December 1st 2004
     Was awarded “Employee of the month - September 2004”
    For “Exemplary performance and demonstration of GE Values at the Workplace”.

     Was an active member at the time of transition of the process from Bangalore to Jaipur (Remote Transition)

    Trainings Attended

     The Green Belt Training – Program on Six Sigma Quality Tools / DMAIC
     The White Belt Training – Program on Six Sigma and Lean
     Interact – Communication Skills
     Effective Time Management
     Interpersonal skills for success

    Previous Work Experience

    Organization : Lakshmi Audio Visuals Inc.,
    Duration : September 2000 to November 2003
    Job Profile : Accounts, Customer Care

     Executive – Accounts & Administration
     Customer care
     Following up with customers on receivables
     Recruitment & Training support

    Educational Qualification

     Bachelor of Commerce – From Christ College, Bangalore in 2000.

    Computer Skills

     MS – Office, Excel
     Internet Application

    Personal Details

    Date of Birth : April 8th 1979
    Marital Status : Married
    Husband’s Name : Mr. Sarju S. N
    Visa Status : Husbands Visa
    Languages known : English, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil
    E-mail id : [email removed].

    Molly Sarju. 03 Jul 2008, 08:47 - Report
  • Looking Forward to Join the BPO/Call Center industry in the UAE


    My name is Shoaib, from Bangalore INDIA. From some time now i have been lookin to the join the BPO/Call Center industry in the UAE,i have more than 4 years of Experience in the same feild, currently workin as a (Senior Officer Command Center) with MphasiS BPO an EDS Company.Would Join ASAP if any Vacancy Available. Would await a Favourable Reply.
    My Resume

    #48, Maiganda Deva Mudliar Road,
    Frazer Town,

    [email removed] Cell#: 9916395260


    To work in a Professionally Managed Organization having a Quality Environment where my Knowledge and experience can be shared and enriched.


    Company : MphasiS BPO(EDS Company)
    Designation : Senior CSO Duty Manager
    Place : Bangalore
    Duration : 19/03/2004 – present
    *Generating Daily Production Reports.
    •Managing Man Power/Production Requirements and Work Flow.
    •Preparing Production/Training Schedules, Monitoring Que.
    •Preparing Operations Report.
    •Preparing Payroll Data.
    •Preparing Microsoft Presentations for Operations based on Data provided, ETC.
    •Training and Motivating my Sub-ordinates.
    •ISO/Audit requirement Documentation for the Process

    ACHIEVEMENTS : Maintained 100% quality and productivity.
    Met All Service Levels as per Client Requirements.
    Awarded Best Performer for the year 2006 & 2007.
    Met All Process and Team related Targets.
    Headed/Managed Team of 100 Employees.
    Achieved Total Customer Satisfaction.


    Completed SSLC from St.Germains High School (I.C.S.E). Year of passing-2001
    Completed P.U.C from Baldwin’s Methodist College. Year of Passing-2003
    B.COM (Correspondence) (Awaiting Results).
    Completed Diploma in AIR CARGO HANDLING Management (SPEEDWINGS ACADEMY).

    Good communication Skills.
    Adaptability to environment.
    Quick learner and fast implementing.
    Good interpersonal ability and a very good team player.
    Management Skills.
    Self confidence has been all time strength.


    Name : Shoaib Shariff

    Father’s name : Rahmathulla Shariff

    Date of birth : 4th March 1985

    Sex : Male

    Marital status : Single

    Nationality : Indian

    Languages known : English (US and Indian) & Hindi
    Hobbies : Playing cricket, traveling and listening to music.

    Shoaib Shariff.

    Shoaib Shariff 08 Jul 2008, 01:42 - Report
  • Looking forward for a job in BPO at Dubai

    Hi i am Komala working for HCL BPO in Chennai.My sister is working for ABN amro bank, Dubai.I would like to move to Dubai if their is any oppurtunity in any BPO at Dubai i would like to re-locate.I have 2 years experience in BPO & done with my B.Sc Hotel management.

    No: 1, Vijaya Nagar,
    Near MRF nagar,
    Avadi, Chennai – 54
    E-mail : [email removed]

    Komala 09 Jul 2008, 08:26 - Report
  • Looking for Medical billing bpo job in Dubai

    Hi,Im Nashith from kerala.im cming to Dubai with In 2 mnths,im Looking for a BPO job in dubai,ive an experiance in BPO in Medical Billing process from Bangalore...send me infrmation regarding how to get into a BPO in [email removed]

    Nashith 09 Jul 2008, 02:59 - Report
  • Looking for BPO Jobs in Dubai

    I am Brenda From Goa, Currently working in mumbai.I am looking for BPO jobs in Dubai. I am currently working atHutchison Whampoa Properties India Pvt. Ltd. (3 Global Service).
    I have more than 3&1/2 yrs of BPO experiencein Customer Service& Retentions. Please Let me know if I can get job in a BPO as i am interested in working for BPO in Dubai.

    Pls mail me at : [email removed] thanks Brenda Velho.

    13 July 2008, 7:53:pm

    Brenda Velho 13 Jul 2008, 04:24 - Report
  • i wanna job in Dubai

    Hi Friends,
    I am looking for a job in Dubai as Customer Care Executive, i have very good experience as Customer Care Executive as well as Marketing Executive, i m looking for the same post. Please help get one. I will be very grateful to you.

    Musthak Ahmed

    Musthak Ahmed 14 Jul 2008, 12:23 - Report
  • Looking for BPO jobs in dubai

    Hi Friends

    Iam looking for a job in Dubai,where i Have keen interest to work abroad,Iam a family man looking for a post of CSE/TSO,owning a exp of 3.3 yrs in bpo industry as a TSO..To hear good from you

    charles v.k

    E-mail add: [email removed]

    Charles Vk 16 Jul 2008, 07:29 - Report
  • How can I get a job in Dubai........

    Hi All,

    I am Sonu Tyagi, currently working with IBM Daksh for last one and a half year. But now, I want to work in a bpo or kpo in Dubai.....

    If anyone know the procedure for the same, please let me know so that I can fullfill my dreams because of you.

    waiting for a positive reply and someone who wish to help others.



    Sonu Tyagi 04 Aug 2008, 01:01 - Report
  • Hi again......

    I am the same guy.... sonu,

    I have total experience of more than 3 years in this industry....but I am not a complete graduate... I am waiting for my final results to come. Can I apply for any BPO job in Dubai....

    Sonu 04 Aug 2008, 01:08 - Report
  • Oh I am again.....

    I forgot to mention my contact details...

    anyone who wish to help me can contact me at 9911194002

    or write to me at [email removed]

    sonu 04 Aug 2008, 01:11 - Report
  • needy

    hi farhan this is shiva and looking for a bpo job in dubai.seems u r helping people by answering their quieries.i have a two yeras ezperience and bachelors degree.pls let me know the process of how to apply for a job indubai and the other things to be prepared.will be available at [email removed]

    shiva 05 Aug 2008, 08:17 - Report
  • bpo job i dubai

    looking for a bpo/callcenter job in dubai.Have 5yrs of experienc in to customer service and 2 yrs into bpo..kindly guide me to apply for the suitable position.awaiting reply at [email removed]

    purnima 06 Aug 2008, 10:41 - Report
  • Looking for a BPO Job in Dubai

    Hi, my name is Rajesh Kumar, 35 years old. looking for a BPO job in Dubai, for the last 4 years I have been working in BPO, like HTMT & Dell. could u kindly help me with this.
    my email is
    [email removed]

    Rajesh Kumar SR 18 Aug 2008, 11:02 - Report
  • Looking for BPO job in Dubai


    My name is Vazir and i am looking for BPO job in Dubai .. as i am from the same field and hav a good experience in BPO .. prefrerably in a technical process .. if you any information please do email at
    [email removed] ..

    Thanks & Regards,

    Vazir 24 Aug 2008, 12:23 - Report
  • BPO Jobs in Dubai

    Hi, My name is Salman, I Have More than 2 yrs of BPO Experience in MNC BPO, And iam Working in
    HCL technologies (BPO Services)
    Supporting UK Based customer,
    Pls Do refer me for an BPO Job In UAE.
    My Email Address is [email removed]

    Syed Salman 25 Aug 2008, 11:06 - Report
  • translator

    Hello,i'm African man: Abraham kabana living in holland speaking almost five languages(Very good French, Very good Arabic, Very good English, better Dutch,and little turc
    looking for the job in bahrain,qatar.kuwait,emirats arab,oman.
    Please for your proposition for me just contacted me on this mail: [email removed]
    My mobile number: 0031613670518 Ibrahim

    Ibrahim 04 Sep 2008, 07:03 - Report
  • Hi farhan

    im ravindar and i have an in call center for nearly 3yrs and currently working tcs in chennai.looking for a job in Dubai.Please do help me in this reagrd and i would be helpful to my career.

    Email:[email removed]

    Ravindar 24 Sep 2008, 04:52 - Report
  • hi farhan

    im ravindar and i have 3yrs experience in callcenter and currently working tcs in chennai.looking for a job in Dubai.Please do help me in this regard and it would be helpful to my career.

    Email:[email removed]

    Ravindar 24 Sep 2008, 04:56 - Report
  • hi


    my name is arjun and i worked in bpo and mnc in hyderabad adn im looking for jobs in same companies in dubai and how is your pay over there and is it safe to work for indians there???

    ARJUN 26 Sep 2008, 12:21 - Report
  • bpo jobs in dubai

    hi friends , i am a post graduate in human resources and industrial relations residing in dubai with 1 yr experience in a kpo ( currently working too) in india looking for a better option in dubai as well as india... any of your organization needs assistance from duabi please inform me....
    [email removed]

    anju kurien 26 Sep 2008, 11:45 - Report
  • graphic designer

    have 4+ experience in Printing & Packaging. can any on ein dubai say how is the oppurtunities in dubai for Graphic designer My knowage .

    Dulal Adhikari 09899780541 26 Sep 2008, 03:16 - Report
  • Looking for BPO Jobs in Dubai

    Hi... I'm also lookin for BPO jobs in Dubai, having more than 3 years exp in the same industry, if anyone goes through this, kindly let me know.
    email : [email removed].


    aktar 27 Oct 2008, 07:01 - Report
  • I am also looking BPO Job in Dubai

    Assalam walkeum Farhan,
    I am rizwan from Pune.I am looking for Job in BPO in UAE.Currently I am working in AVIVA in PUne.If Possible plz help me out for that.

    rizwan munir pinjari 29 Oct 2008, 04:41 - Report
  • E-mail ID

    My E-mail ID are

    [email removed]
    [email removed]

    rizwan munir pinjari 29 Oct 2008, 04:42 - Report
  • Hi Farhan,

    Hope you are fine. Could you please tell me how is working there in Dubai in BPO sector.Recently I am working in Genpact and about to complete 2 yrs. Please advice me nad let me know how much is the salary.

    Thanks aand Regards.
    Eden Lepcha.

    Eden Lepcha 29 Oct 2008, 09:33 - Report
  • Need a Compliance Risk Professional in Dubai

    auditing firm - established for 28 years requires compliance risk professional with qualification to join organisation based in dubai. please send your cv to [email removed]

    Firdaus 30 Oct 2008, 10:31 - Report
  • Need a Risk Data /Business Analyst

    looking for risk / data or business analyst who has experience with quantitative modelling and data analysis to join organisation / auditing company in Dubai
    pls send cv to
    [email removed]

    Firdaus 30 Oct 2008, 10:32 - Report

    Hi those who are looking for a internation BPO job in chennai with good salry call me at 9884098489 or 9176672030 ,the criteria should be degree and average communication skills

    satya 10 Nov 2008, 05:34 - Report
  • Looking for BPO Team Leader Job in Dubai

    Hi... I have 10 yrs exp and i'm lookin for BPO jobs in Dubai, having more than 5 years relevant exp in the same industry, and i'm looking for a TL / Asst Mgnr role, kindly let me know about the same.
    email : [email removed].

    Nick 12 Nov 2008, 04:51 - Report
  • Jobs in bpo

    Hi i m rupesh from mumbai i hv done my 10 from delhi board & appeared for 12 .i m working in call center from last 1yr plz do reply if u hv job

    Rupesh 13 Nov 2008, 05:42 - Report
  • medical billing

    hi my name is shavan i move here from the U.S and i am searching for a medical billing positon

    shavan 16 Nov 2008, 11:43 - Report
  • Searching for a job in Dubai in a Call Centre Industry.

    Hi my name is Anshu from Chandigarh. I am persuing my Graduation (correspondence). I am currently working as a Senior Customer Care Executive from past 1nd a half year in a International Call centre. Its basically a Collection Agency. My total call centre experience is for 2 1/2 yrs. I am finding a stable job in dubai. If you have any information about job requirement & salary packages in Dubai or Sharjah do e mail me at [email removed]

    anshu 17 Nov 2008, 09:03 - Report
  • jobs in dubai

    hi farran could you please help me as i am intrested in working in dubai ..i have a work experience of 7 yrs
    and 2 yrs of work experience in bpo married would like to work in dubai pls give me any information if u can on [email removed]se reply waiting to hear from you..

    tilaka pai 20 Nov 2008, 05:17 - Report
  • Hi,

    Could you please let me know if there is any openings for the Team leader position.Currently i am working with one of the topmost BPO company.

    Please mail me on my personal mail ID: [email removed].

    Thanks in advance
    Purushotham H N

    Purushotham 20 Nov 2008, 07:49 - Report
  • looking for medical billing jobs in dubai

    Hi Farhan,
    I am Sherjeel from Pakistan,Faisalabad.I have been working for a medical billing company of America for almost 2 years which has a remote office here in Pakisatan,Faisalabad.I have a bachelor's degree.I want to work in a same field in Dubai.Please let me know at my email: [email removed]

    sherjeel 21 Nov 2008, 10:20 - Report
  • looking for american doctors medical billing in dubai

    Hi Guys,
    I am Sherjeel from Pakistan.So far i am working in a medical billing company of America which has a remote office in Pakistan.I am looking to work in a same field in gulf countries especially in UAE.Please send me useful tips regarding this matter on my e-mail at [email removed] Thanx to all of you guys.

    Sherjeel 21 Nov 2008, 10:31 - Report
  • Hi.............


    This is Razia from Hyderabad, I have 2 years experience in MNC.I am very much keen to work in dubai,if anyone goes through this, kindly let me know.please send a mail in this id.
    [email removed]

    Razia Begum 23 Nov 2008, 12:30 - Report
  • Jobs in U.A.E

    Hi, How is the job market in U.A.E for a indiviual working in a BPO industry in India. Please advise. Can u provide me with some sites or email id where I can apply.

    My email id: [email removed]

    Roshan 24 Nov 2008, 08:34 - Report
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