Looking for bpo jobs is dubai

  • Hi Iam Molly Sarju Iam looking for a job in BPO.

    My job discreption are given below.

    Current Experience

    Organization : GENPACT
    Joining Date : December 1st 2003
    Designation : Risk Analyst

    Current Process : eAudit
    In this Process : Since August 2006
    Profile : Internal Auditor

    Underwriting eAudit: - Ensure that the Senior Risk Manager has complied with all underwriting guidelines before approving the deal:

     Know your customer (Customer Background): RDC, Equifax, Lexis Nexis, CBR, D&B.
     Collateral Valuation: Verify whether collateral valuation is done as per the underwriting guidelines
     Exit Strategy: Validate Existence of exit strategy and ensure that it is sufficient with the deal size.
     Financial Analysis: Ensure that financial analysis is performed for historical financial statements and all covenants are in compliance.
     Approval limit: Validate the approval limit of the approval authority
     Portfolio management compliance

    Preparation of the Audit scope: (Data Analytics)

     Sampling the input data using pivot table based on defined sampling criteria for underwriting audit.
     Scrubbing data for better presentation
     Validation of data with other sources
     Preparing sampling tollgates and input tollgates
     Sorting the customers based on high exposure, delinquency status and stressed concepts.
     Study the underwriting matrix and triggers defined for that particular year.

    Dashboard presentation:

     Presenting the dashboard to the customer on monthly basis on the defects witnessed in the process of audit.
     Dashboard includes the defect trend.
     Flag is raised for the breach of policy and high lightened in the dashboard.

    Prior to this Process

    Process : Healthcare Financial Services
    In this Process : Since July 2005
    Designation : Senior Risk Associate
    Profile : Underwriting support

    Financial Spreading
     Input the financials in the spreading software – Moody’s Risk Analyst.
     Generate reports with various financial ratios and indicators.

    Financial Analysis
     Providing bullet points highlighting trends, abnormalities and large balances, focusing on Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement.
     Preparation of tables such as Summary table including all ratios and financial indicators, Revenue Mix and Expenses Mix tables, LTD table, etc.,
     Policy 5.0 Reporting - GE Exposure considering REM and PMS contracts.
     Checking Customer Credit rating by inputting the financials in the ARK site.
     IT Credit box – Risk rating arrived based on ten parameters / financial indicators. Used for deals involving funding for software.

    Process : European Equipment Finance (EEF) – UK
    Duration : December 2003 to June 2005
    Designation : Senior Risk Associate
    Profile : Credit Admin, Booking & Funding

     Creating a customer in Dec Alpha by inputting all the details from a loan/lease proposal form.
     Providing Experian and Delphi search extract from website.
     On acceptance of loan/lease proposal of a customer, we receive a document. We scrutinize the document based on UK norms. Once we find everything is fine, we go ahead book and fund the deal.

     Got promoted as Risk Analyst (Band 4) on June 01, 2007.
     Got promoted as Process Developer (Senior Risk Associate) on December 1st 2004
     Was awarded “Employee of the month - September 2004”
    For “Exemplary performance and demonstration of GE Values at the Workplace”.

     Was an active member at the time of transition of the process from Bangalore to Jaipur (Remote Transition)

    Trainings Attended

     The Green Belt Training – Program on Six Sigma Quality Tools / DMAIC
     The White Belt Training – Program on Six Sigma and Lean
     Interact – Communication Skills
     Effective Time Management
     Interpersonal skills for success

    Previous Work Experience

    Organization : Lakshmi Audio Visuals Inc.,
    Duration : September 2000 to November 2003
    Job Profile : Accounts, Customer Care

     Executive – Accounts & Administration
     Customer care
     Following up with customers on receivables
     Recruitment & Training support

    Educational Qualification

     Bachelor of Commerce – From Christ College, Bangalore in 2000.

    Computer Skills

     MS – Office, Excel
     Internet Application

    Personal Details

    Date of Birth : April 8th 1979
    Marital Status : Married
    Husband’s Name : Mr. Sarju S. N
    Visa Status : Husbands Visa
    Languages known : English, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil
    E-mail id : [email removed].

    Molly Sarju. 03 Jul 2008, 08:47 - Report
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looking for BPO jobs in dubai

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