Fixed lines and mobile phones

Installation & providers

Fixed lines and mobile phones

Getting a phone line installed is not a difficult process in Hungary. You do not need a bank account or a residence permit. You only need to visit Telekom, the main fixed line provider of Hungary, on their website.

On Telekom’s website , you can apply online for a fixed phone line. You can also visit one of their shops, which are mostly located in bigger department stores (e.g. Duna Plaza, Western City Centre).

Mobile Phones

To register for a mobile phone, you need to provide your residence permit and your address card.

How to choose your network

Mobile phone use in Hungary is very widespread. You can use your “mobil” wherever you like, even in the Hungarian Metro you will usually have a good signal.

There are three providers operating in Hungary:

  • T-Mobile: The largest and most popular provider. Many Hungarians use this network. Best service area, good rates.
  • Pannon GSM: The second largest mobile network provider. Good voice quality and reasonable prices.
  • Vodafone: The newest discount provider. Good rates but (as it is said) worse signal than at the other two providers.

When you choose a provider you also have to choose a contract type – and differences are huge. The best approach is to estimate your calling habits and look around what your friends have.

Calling rates

As the telephone market changes constantly and everyone has different calling habits, it is impossible to suggest the cheapest option. The fixed and mobile telephone providers always try to make better prices. Calls from fixed line to fixed line and within the same mobile phone network are cheaper but you should check the rates before spending hours on the phone.

Prepaid phones

If you do not want a mobile line with monthly subscription, you can opt for a prepaid phone. Here you pay as you use, i.e. for the minutes you actually been using the phone. In this case call charges are a bit higher as those for contract mobiles.

Prepaid cards are available at price ranges from HUF2500-3600 to HUF27000-30000.

The types of card-phones at the different mobile providers are the following:

  • T-Mobile: Domino package
  • Pannon GSM: Praktikum package
  • Vodafone: Vitamax package

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