Phone calls

How to make a phone call in Hungary

Phone calls

Calling from Hungary to foreign countries is pretty much the same as anywhere else. Almost all foreign countries can be direct-dialled. For calling local numbers, no prefix codes are required. Also, find a list of emergency telephone numbers here.

In Hungary there are no rules on how to answer the telephone. You can simply say “ Hello” or “Igen” or “Tessék” and give your name as well.

Calling prefixes

Dialling local numbers in Hungary:

  • To call a local number within your own area, dial the number only. You don’t have to dial the area prefix code.
  • The telephone numbers in the capital Budapest are seven-digit. If you are calling a number in Budapest from another area in Hungary, dial (061) and then the actual telephone number. The area code of the capital is (1).
  • To call to another county (megye), dial (06), then the two-digit respective area code and then the six-digit local number.
  • To call from abroad to a number in Hungary, dial your international access number (usually 00 or +), followed by the country code of Hungary (36), then the area code and the number (e.g., if you call Budapest: 00361… or +361 …)

If you are not sure how to dial a number, just always add the country and area prefix, this will work in any case.

Mobile phone calls

To make a call from a mobile phone to a fixed line number, you always have to dial (06) and the two-digit area prefix.

To call from a mobile to another mobile phone, you must add the prefix code of the mobile service provider of the person you are calling (0620 for Pannon GSM, 0630 for T-Mobile and, 0670 for Vodafone). If you are at the same mobile service provider, just call the number directly without the prefix.

If you are not sure how to dial a number, just always add the country and area prefix, this will work in any case. (eg: 0620…, 0630…, 0670…).

Phone books

If you have a telephone connection at T-Home, you will get your phone book or a CD-ROM at the post office annually.

In the phone book you can find all numbers in alphabetical order from your locality and often there are also lists of localities on the outskirts. In addition there are the yellow pages ( Arany Oldalak), which have categories ranging from doctors and pharmacies to businesses and craftsmen.

Emergency telephone numbers

We have compiled a short list of the most important emergency numbers for you. Write them down or store them in your handset – you never know when you may need the numbers!

In case of an emergency call (toll free from any phone):

  • Police - Emergency 107
  • Fire - Emergency 105
  • Ambulance - Emergency 104

Other useful telephone numbers

  • Euro- Emergency 112 - The number 112 is the EU emergency number. A 112 call will be answered anywhere in the country and throughout Europe.
  • International Directory Information 199
  • Inland Directory Information 198

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