How to get internet access in Hungary


On arriving in a new country, many people want Internet and email as it is a great way of keeping in touch with home. There is a large range of Hungarian Internet Service Providers (ISPs). If you're only stay a short time or don't have a phone at home, find an internet café.

Internet cafés

As in other European countries, Internet cafés are getting more and more popular in Hungary. Most available Internet cafés are of course in the capital but the trend is taking over to the country as well. Internet cafés can be mainly found in larger Shopping Centres, in fast food restaurants or simply in the streets.


At smaller places, the price per hour can be very high so it is better to visit a Shopping Centre or one of the larger cafés. Internet cafés usually offer discounts for multiple hour purchases, which is especially advisable if you are a frequent user.

Fees tend to only give you access to the computer and the Internet. Just about everything else might carry an extra charge: printing, scanning, and even copying files to and from floppy disks.

Main providers

The Hungarian market is dominated by T-Home  and UPC  (see below for more information). Of course there are smaller provider companies as well - they are organised in the so-called Internet Providers’ Board .


If you want to apply for an Internet access, first make certain that this is possible in your area. In some places (mostly in smaller villages) there is still no Internet accessibility.

The prices and the conditions depend on the package you choose. Since having Internet access is expensive compared to other European countries, the providers have been trying to lower the costs lately.

There are one-year and two or more year contracts, but the conditions change every month. The best you can do is to visit a provider and ask for current service packages and prices.

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