Romance in Venice

Top 10 romantic activities to do in Venice

Romance in Venice

Venice is often labelled as one of the most romantic cities in Europe, and is an excellent choice for a short break with your other half. Any smitten lover planning a trip to Venice will want to compile as many pleasant activities as possible, so we’ve made that task easier by listing a top ten list of suggestions.

1. Rialto (market & bridge)

At the start of the day, shoppers should see what’s in store at the Rialto market - heading east for the neighbourhood of small shops and/or west for the Rialto
farmers’ market. Stand hand in hand on the 800-year-old Rialto bridge and look down on the river and its gondolas to capture a memorable picturesque Venetian moment. 

Rialto bridge and the canal

2. Zattere

Take this wonderful walk down the Zattere path in the sunshine along the Giudecca canal. An interesting stop-off point would be to see how a gondola is made at the Squero (Venetian for small shipyard) across the canal near the San Trovaso Church. This one of the only remaining shipyards of its kind, so experiencing this together is something special for you and your partner.

3. Ca’Pesaro - Galleria Internazionale d’Arte Moderna 

Enter the gallery and appreciate the Grandiose Palazzo’s vast collection of paintings dating from the 17th century to the post-war period. Given the vast variety of exhibits, this display can satisfy the desires of any art lover.

4. Al Chioschetto restaurant

This little spot serves as the ideal place to get a bite to eat. As it’s located along the Guidetta canal, you can enjoy scrumptious paninis and nibbles whilst relaxing outside and taking in the sweeping view from industrial Marghera to Palladian San Giorgio Maggiore. Perfect on a sunny day at any time of year.

5. Palazzo Fortuny 

Admire the photographic art on display at this charming 15th-century palace which belonged to Spanish fashion designer Mariano Fortuny (1871-1949).  As well as photography, there is theatrical set design, cloth dyes, elegant silk dresses and a collection of Fortuny’s own paintings of Middle Eastern views.

6. Campanile di San Marco  (St Mark’s bell tower)

Discover the breathtaking views from the city’s tallest building which was built on Roman ruins dating from the 1st century. The panorama takes in the Lido, the whole lagoon, and the Dolomites in the distance. The best time to visit is early in the morning before the queues form or late in the day when you can enjoy the sunset.

Companile and Church of San Marco

7. Basilica di San Marco  (St Mark’s Basilica)

This astonishing historic basilica, a masterpiece of Greek Hellenistic sculpture, should be a must-see on any itinerary. This holy site is seen as an object of the city’s pride and an expression of its rich history. Mosaics inside illustrate St. Mark’s stories as well as scenes from the Old and New Testaments. Tourists must be respectful and avoid wearing short skirts, shorts, having bare shoulders, and taking photographs. This allows you to profit as much as possible from the peaceful ambience.

8. Gondola ride 

 Although this is one of the more obvious options, trips on Venice’s famous mode of transport are notoriously expensive. However, this probably comes top of the ‘Venice romantic’ list and is worth breaking the bank for. Treat it as a relaxing break during the day or do it after a special meal at a restaurant, circling the city while it’s lit up and bathing in the Venetian moonlight.

9. I Figli delle Stelle restaurant

 As your amorous adventure draws to an end, why not treat your partner to a delicious dinner at one of the finest examples of Italian cuisine in Venice? Prices are fairly high, but it’s worth it given the quality and the occasion. As well as a pleasant wooden interior, the restaurant has tables outside with lovely views across to St Mark’s. Opt for some orecchiette pasta or lamb baked with sun-dried tomatoes, or choose from the antipasti selection. There’s occasional live music and sofas to relax on with a drink.

10. Centro Culturale Candiani  / Teatro Malibran 

 If a theatre performance is what you fancy as an evening activity, these two are your best bet. The Candiani 1970s art centre includes an auditorium, video library, exhibition space AND outdoor area, and entertainment ranges from Bach to The Vagina Monologues. Teatro Malibran dates back as far as 1678 and stands where you could once find Marco Polo’s family palazzo. It puts on shows of classical music, ballet and opera.

Mix and match as you wish, but we’re pretty sure this set of activities will leave you and your partner feeling loved up and fulfilled.

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