Finding a property

What to know before you buy

Finding a property

Until recently expats living in Kuwait were not permitted to buy property, a move made by the government to try and reduce the number of people moving to the country with no intention of finding employment. While this restriction has now been lifted some conditions remain which must be met before you are allowed to buy your property.

The requirements of expats are relatively basic however, and include documentation pertaining to a clean criminal record which states that you have not been convicted of any crimes in Kuwait. You must also be able to show a source of income certificates as proof of your ability to finance your purchase. Once you have proved this, the approval of the Interior Ministry must still be obtained.

Along with these requirements, expats are also restricted to owning only a single property in Kuwait, which must be used solely for personal or family purposes. Finally, a note of caution to expats - if your employment comes to an end for any reason, e.g. end of contract or redundancy, and are therefore unable to stay in Kuwait, you will have to sell your property. It is advised that you only consider purchasing in Kuwait if you have long-term job security.

Choosing where to live

One of the biggest factors in deciding where to live is proximity to school or work. If you’re looking for a more relaxed environment, it’s important to know that these areas are highly populated due to their desirability. If you are torn between living closer to your work or your children’s school, it’s worthwhile knowing that most schools provide transport to school and back, taking one burden off the family.

Expats also tend to live in the Gulf areas of Kuwait which should you choose to follow suit could provide you and your family with a community which will help you settle into your new lives. In some cases, accommodation is chosen by the employer of the company you will be working at meaning that again you are likely to be living in expat neighbourhoods.

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