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Property market

Despite having undergone a construction boom over the past ten years, there remains a shortage of available residential property in Kuwait, as highlighted by a 6% drop in the number of transactions over the past year. The areas particularly affected are Ahmadi and Capital areas, which are typically desirable.

The Kuwaiti government, however, is committed to delivering more housing, while developers and investors remain interested in the country’s real estate sector.

Market conditions

House prices

According to Numbeo , the average price per square metre in Kuwait is KWD 866 in the city centre and KWD 727 outwith the centre. Real estate experts are predicting that house prices will go down however during the second half of this year (2015).

How to find your perfect home

Before you begin your search, it is important to be aware that due to the recency of the lift on expats buying property, there is a risk of corruption. As a result of the infancy of the regulations, transparency is also lacking, which could aid in corruption and can lead to inaccurate and ineffective purchasing procedures.

That being said, Kuwait of course does have reputable real estate agents, and you can begin your house hunting online, especially before you make the move abroad. Popular sites that are also available in English are:

Once you arrive in Kuwait you can also browse the local press to find house listings and estate agents. 

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