Purchasing process

Unclear waters

Purchasing process

As expat purchasing laws are very new, there is uncertainty over all the documentation that is necessary, but it is likely that a passport, proof of employment and tax numbers will all be required.

Registering property

What is definite, however, is that in order for an expat to buy property in Kuwait, they must first prove two things. Firstly, that they have a clean criminal record, having never been convicted of a crime in Kuwait, and secondly that they have sufficient income to finance the purchase.

Legal advice

Another consequence of the recency of the expat purchasing laws is that it is important to ensure that you have good legal representation throughout the purchasing process, and that your lawyer thoroughly checks the contract. Generally, this is advisable whenever purchasing property abroad and you are unsure of the country’s laws.

Expat Mortgages

Mortgages are available to expats from banks in Kuwait, with the exception of those coming from Bahrain, Omar, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

It may be more advisable to get an expat mortgage from your home country however, preferably with a company with specialist knowledge regarding the Kuwaiti property situation.

Additional property costs

When buying a house in Kuwait you are responsible for all fees during the purchasing process, such as legal and survey fees.

As apartments in Kuwait tend to have communal areas and building managers (haris), it is also highly likely that you will be responsible for some maintenance costs after the purchase of your property.  

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