Learn Business English in Malta

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Learn Business English in Malta

Today, English is the lingua franca of business communication worldwide. This simple fact means that more often than not, communication in English is happening between non-native speakers. Getting exposure to different types of spoken English is now as important as learning the language itself.

Malta: a uniquely multilingual trading nation

Malta’s history as a key Mediterranean trading post since ancient times has produced a unique mix of languages and culture, which is reflected in its very welcoming and open culture.

The country itself is representative of what the modern business world has become for most people - it is one of the most multilingual countries in the EU. Pretty much everyone speaks Maltese, an estimated 88% of the population speaks English, 66% Italian and 17% French.

Why learn in Malta?

5 of the top reasons Malta has become so popular for people learning English are:

  1. The weather: the all-year-round pleasant climate, with around 300 days of sunshine a year, is one of the best in Europe. The cool sea breeze means it doesn’t often get ‘too hot’ either.
  2. Immersion exposure: English is spoken everywhere and tends to be quite measured and easy to understand.
  3. Accessible from most European airports with a range of low-cost carriers.
  4. Good value offers for both tuition and accomodation.
  5. Lots to do when not in the classroom: whether it’s enjoying the nightlife, exploring the thousands of years of history and culture or sampling some excellent scuba diving; there is something for everyone.

Choosing a course

You need to bear in mind your current level and your language learning objectives. When deciding to improve your business English skills, you may find that standard language courses - although useful for the social side of business interactions - are not the best fit.

Consider looking for a school which can offer specific courses in business English, which will help to develop your communications skills for those crucial moments: client meetings, crunch negotiations and key presentations. BELS English schools in Malta and Gozo offer these kinds of courses, and even have classes tailored to specific professions , including law, medicine, finance and aviation. Not only will you get a grip of all the ‘jargon’, but also have a great opportunity to rub shoulders with other people in your industry and make some great connections.

Make sure you check the accreditation of the school you choose, which can help give you an indication of what to expect. Some schools may be locally accredited with FELTOM, while others internationally (Eaquals, TEFL, etc.).

Happy learning!  

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