Why study English in Malta

It has everything you need

Why study English in Malta

The obvious choice of location to study English is the UK - but why stick to the obvious when you can have an adventure on a beautiful mediterranean island where English is one of the official languages? Need more reasons? Read on...

The weather

Situated just south of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea, the weather on Malta is one of sun soaked bliss. Even the island’s “winters” barely hit as low as 15º C in the day.

Meet people from all over the world

Malta has people coming from all over the world to study English, not only confirming its reputation for a place to learn but also adding to the vibrancy of the island. With such a rich mix of people all exploring the island, Malta has earned itself as an ideal place to enjoy the sun and nightlife in the company of new friends.

Golden beaches and ancient sights

Malta is home to beautiful beaches with fine sand and sparkling clear water. Some language schools like EF take full advantage of this by being located just 5 minutes walk away and including an exclusive beach club for their leisure students  so you can sunbathe in style.

Sightseeing on Malta is something special too. One of the most incredible things to see during your stay are the megalithic temples  that are even older than both the Pyramids of Egypt and Stonehenge. Not to mention the grand Auberge de Castille  or the Girgenti Palace  that will both leave you awestruck.  

English in its history

Not just an island paradise to explore, Malta was once a British colony which means that English is ingrained into the country in both language and customs, so Malta is the perfect location to practice your English without the English weather!

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