Emergency Services

Emergency numbers and ambulances

Emergency Services

The Maltese emergency services are very efficient and organised. Note down the correct numbers to phone in case of emergency.

The emergency services of Malta are made up of ambulance services from the separate hospitals and volunteer organisations.

Malta Red Cross

Malta Red Cross  is the largest ambulance and first aid provider on the islands of Malta. It consists of dedicated volunteers who offer health and rescue services as well as humanitarian and welfare aid.

Their trained volunteers assist the national emergency services in any disaster or crisis, and give up their spare time to help others.

Anyone over the age of 16 can join the Maltese society of the Red Cross. Apart from helping people in need, they also learn valuable skills which can be put to use in any situation which requires first aid.

St. John Ambulance

St. John Ambulance  is a voluntary organisation that works with the Maltese authorities to provide both first aid and first aid training on the island. It is divided into three sections:

The Training Branch forms first aid volunteers.

The First Aid and Nursing Section is made up of voluntary qualified doctors and nurses, who are always ready to provide the government with services should they be required. The section consists of a large number of first aides and also a small fleet of ambulances which are ready to be deployed in the event of national emergency.

The Rescue Corps form part of the Maltese civil defence unit and are always on stand-by in case of emergency. The Rescue Corps work closely with the First Aid and Nursing Section.

Important telephone numbers and other emergency services

Public and private hospitals have individual numbers. However, to call for emergency ambulances and services, the numbers are the same:

For an ambulance, fire service and police – 112

For a traffic accident – 2132 0202

In Malta, there are also in-shore patrol boats and helicopter rescue services which are funded by the EU to provide safety in the surrounding waters of Malta.

Rescue by helicopter - 2124 4371

Rescue by patrol boat - 2123 8797

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