Private healthcare

Private health insurance in Malta

Private healthcare

A number of Maltese residents take out private healthcare on a regular basis and this number is steadily increasing due to its appeal, security and the wider range of services on offer.

Maltese citizens sometimes buy private healthcare on a 'pay-as-you-go' basis which enables them to take full advantage of private general practitioner's and specialists. Employers of large companies sometimes contract private doctors to meet the needs of their employees. The Ministry of Health advises foreign residents to purchase private healthcare as it offers a better range of services and shorter waiting lists.

Many foreigners travel to Malta for plastic surgery and extensive dental treatments, as they are approximately 60-70% cheaper than they are in most other European countries. Furthermore, some of the best specialist doctors work there.

There are three highly regarded private hospitals in Malta boasting the latest technology. They do not only provide healthcare for Maltese residents but also for foreign patients from around the world.

St Philip's Hospital  is an independent private hospital which specialises in knee and hip replacements and also an extensive range of plastic and re-constructive surgery. St Philip's uses only the latest implants and techniques and the highest quality of joint prosthesis.

St James Hospital  is Malta's longest running private medical institution. The hospital provides a wide range of services from simple blood tests to cosmetic surgery. The St James Hospital Group currently owns four state-of-the-art clinics in Malta, including an 80 bed hospital in Sliema where there is also a dedicated eye clinic.

Cosmetica  is a private hospital in Malta that specialises specifically in plastic and re-constructive surgery. Cosmetica provides the latest techniques in Cosmetic surgery and laser hair removal by internationally renowned plastic surgeons.

Private health insurance for Malta

Note that private healthcare is not covered by the public healthcare system. If you want to benefit from a private medical treatment, you will either have to pay for it yourself or get a private health insurance that covers private healthcare as well.

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