Health services

Pharmacies, ophthalmologists and dentists in Malta

Health services

In Malta you will have access to a wide range of healthcare services. Whether you are looking for a dentist, optician or even a well-stocked pharmacy – you are guaranteed to find qualified professionals.

Dentists in Malta

Dentistry in Malta is considered one of the best in Europe with many foreigners travelling to Malta to take advantage of the services provided.

For income assessed Maltese residents, the government does provide some (free) oral health care. The dental department in the Ministry of Health is in charge of the services provided in the main dental clinic in St Luke’s hospital and in other government institutions. Public dental care does not require payment and all school children are also provided free oral health care through the school dental clinic.

However, public dental healthcare services are basic. Therefore the majority of all dental treatment carried out in Malta is privately practised. Private dentists offer a vast range of services ranging from root canal treatment to teeth whitening. Most patients pay directly for the service they are receiving and fees are negotiated freely between dentist and patient.

Ophthalmologists in Malta

Eye doctors in Malta operate within the private sector. You must pay for consultations and for all prescriptions. There is a specialist eye clinic at St James Hospital in Sliema. Private laser and corrective eye surgeries are also available and offer very competitive rates.

Pharmacies in Malta

Pharmacies in Malta play a vital role in the success of the healthcare system. The World Health Organisation states what drugs should be available in pharmacies and in Malta these rules are followed. As long as you have the required prescription, you can purchase medications in Maltese pharmacies regardless of whether you are visiting Malta or living there. Pharmacies also offer a service through which you can contact a local doctor.

For most people who are treated on an out-patient basis, some required drugs and medicines are not readily available in high street/retail pharmacies. For these prescriptions, you must go to the larger pharmacy in St Luke's Hospital. Any medicines you require from there will only be given to you, providing you have a “to collect” form from a retail pharmacy. This form states you could not buy the drugs in their dispensary and you must collect them at St Luke's.

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