Household utilities

Electricity, gas and water

Household utilities

Short term contracts tend to have the utilities integrated into the rent. For long-term stays, however, you have to arrange and pay for the bills yourself.

For stays of over six months, you will have to organise payments of your household utility bills. If you speak English, this should be relatively easy as the language is spoken by nearly every Maltese. You can pay your bills over the phone, internet or by contacting the companies who supply your amenities.

Providers and bills

Two main companies supply electricity, gas and water. Enemalta Corporation  supplies electricity and bottled gas (Malta does not have a natural gas network). The Water Services Corporation  supplies all of Malta's water and disposes of the waste water.

Water and electricity bills are sent out every two months. These are based on two meter readings a year, with estimations being made in between. The Government of Malta provides a helpful guide online where you can apply for electricity and water services. In 2014, the Government even launched an app  to calculate your energy and water consumption. 


Malta uses a 3 prong plug like the United Kingdom. The electrical voltage is 240 volts-50 hertz AC.

Recycling in Malta

WasteServ Malta LTD is the principle recycling company of the island. The recycling divisions for Malta are paper, plastic, glass and metal. Items for recycling must be clean, dry and food-free. You must place each item into the corresponding containers that can be found around the island. These sites are called 'Bring-In Sites' and there are around 200 of them on the island. Paper is placed into the white container, plastic into the blue, glass into the brown and metal into the black container.

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