Rental accommodation in Malta


Rental accommodation in Malta is becoming increasingly popular. Real estate is expanding fast and large property developments are being built around the island to accommodate the influx of foreigners looking to rent there.

Malta has a high standard of living. Its health care and educational systems are excellent and the cost of living is relatively low. Furthermore, the island is well connected with mainland Europe. These aspects make it appealing for foreigners looking to move there.

What type of accommodation is available?

There is a wide selection of properties to suit every budget and lifestyle requirements. This is also true in the major towns, where properties range from the modest to the upmarket, including terraced houses, apartments and maisonettes.

If you prefer something outside the towns and far from the tourist resorts, you can find a property inland. These tend to be cheaper and usually come with a bit of land – anything up to an acre or more. Nevertheless, when looking for a property, do keep in mind the distance from your working place. Although the island is small, traffic can be very slow.

Properties are priced per square metre. They are rented as furnished or unfurnished so you have the option of bringing your own belongings with you. Note that some landlords might not allow pets or smoking.

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  • Malta Rent, 27 January 2011 Reply

    Info related to Bills, Internet, Rental, Jobs and Supermarket prices

    Here is more Info related to Bills, Internet, Rental, Jobs and Supermarket prices what you may find useful:

    Bills for foreign residents (non-Maltese EU citizens included) or young Maltese citizens

    The appropriate costs where rounded to the nearest cent or euro.

    One small (10 kg) gas cylinder around 15€.

    One unit of electricity is 1KW (1000W) and cost around 0.25€ (tariff "Domestic=0"blunk

    Keeping the AC\Heater (12000BTU\1.5KW) on at full power or using the hair dryer or the iron machine (1500W) for one hour will cost you around 0.40€. The electric water heater represents approximately 40% of the electricity bill of a standard household.

    Enemalta Corporation - Electricity Tariffs:
    Main website of Enemalta Corporation:

    One unit of water is 1000 Litters and cost around 5.5€ (tariff "NOP=0"blunk.

    Water Services Corporation - Water Tariffs:
    Main website of Water Services Corporation:

    The average water consumption per person usage per day is 150 litters a day (half the European average but similar to UK).

    How much water do you use?
    Water Consumption Calculator:

    Note: Common tariff for foreigners (non-Maltese EU citizens included) or young Maltese citizens is: "Domestic=0" and rarely "Domestic=1,2,3" etc. Foreigners will never pay "Residential=1,2,3 etc" rates because is only for Maltese passport holders.

    "Domestic=0" or "NOP=0" are tariffs for services without persons registered on the premises. Please note in Malta if you waist more than a certain amount of water and electricity you will pay more per unit and usually is called "Cumulative Consumption".

    To apply for "Domestic=1,2,3 etc" (cheaper rates) you have to contact "ARMS Ltd".
    The owner agreement is also necessary (the majority will not agree because they have to pay taxes on the income; in that case the rent).

    More info (read the comments also):

    Water Services Corporation online bill calculator is highly unreliable (No "Tariffs" or "Cumulative Consumption" included on the calculation process):

    Note: If the owner of the building has just one meter that reports to Enemalta, and there are multiple flats with personal meters (used only by the owner to record the consumption of each flat) but not the official ones from Enemalta then the Bill your Landlord will receive will be at the much higher rate because of the "Cumulative Consumption" of everyone on that single meter.

    The ideal will be (if you are amongst the few lucky ones) "Domestic=1,2,3 etc" rate and to have the official individual meters that are reported to Enemalta. Compared to "Domestic=0" or "NOP=0" even the "Non-Residential" (Commercial) rate it is a lot cheaper.

    More info about the messy story with the billing system (read the comments also):


    Expect to have a "download limit" (download & upload traffic) and to pay installation charges plus deposit for you Internet connection.


    In Sliema, St. Julian's or even San Gwann a decent room for at least three months rental and not in the summer for a single person is minimum 200€ (good three bedrooms flats in this areas start from 500€) plus Internet 10-15€ (depending on the number of the flatmates and the type of connection) plus 50€ water and electricity or more (but hardly less for a decent way of living) plus €5 the gas where appropriate. Also expect to pay one month rent deposit and in some cases the agency fees.

    For luxury flats you can pay up to 600€ plus the bills for one room per month in Sliema or St. Julian's.

    For additional info on apartments prices check:


    Please check photos and all the info's on the flats before jumping to any conclusions. Also ignore the ad's of the agents in (you will see the same mobile number like "100" times on the same web page) who will promise you "super cheap" deal in prime areas. You will end up spending your money in useless phone calls just to find out the "good deal" is gone and the the new one more expensive just come up.

    If you rent a flat in Malta from agencies or "agents" you have to pay them a fee which usually is equivalent with the price of the half month rent. The best will be to rent a flat directly from the owner (that will be not so easy on the summer).

    Preferred area for students, young foreigners and tourists are: Sliema, St Julian's, Swieqi and San Gwann (obviously not the cheapest places).

    For info on Rental Agreement's

    For Supermarket prices check:

    For Second-Hand stuff (the best) check:

    Here is some Info on Buses and how to get from the airport to Sliema, St Julian's, Paceville or San Gwann:

    If you don't know how to get from the airport to Sliema, St Julians or Paceville.
    The airport in Malta is located in Luqa, some 6km away from its capital Valletta.

    I. You can reach Sliema, St Julians or Paceville by the bus leaving the airport every 20-30min, from 6:00h to 21:00h and 21:30h on weekends.
    As soon as you come out into the Arrivals Lounge go on towards the HSBC sign (and Taxis) and change some money as you need to give small change to the bus driver. As soon as you do that cross the terminal past the rent-a-car people and bookstall and go outside. Cross the first road and walk further to the right ... to the bus stop.

    Take BUS No: 8 from the Airport to Valletta (Triton Fountain Bus Terminus), takes about 40 minutes and is every 20/30 minutes.

    For Sliema, St Julians or Paceville: At the Triton Fountain Bus Terminus in Valletta take BUS No: 62, 67 or 68 (departures every 5/15 minutes) to Sliema. Takes about 15/30 minutes depending on the traffic.

    For San Gwan: At the Triton Fountain Bus Terminus in Valletta take BUS No: 41 or 141 (departures every 5/15 minutes) to San Gwan. Takes about 20/40 minutes depending on the traffic. Get out of the buss at Alpine House, Naxxar Road in San Gwann (ask the driver)


    Take any bus from Triton Fountain Bus Terminus in Valletta to Sliema Ferries and from there take BUS No: 65 (departures every 30 minutes) to San Gwan. Takes about 10/30 minutes depending on the traffic (by walk will take the same time or less in many cases if you know the way from Sliema Ferries). Get out of the bus at Alpine House, Naxxar Road in San Gwann (ask the driver)

    Check this websites for more info on buses: (not always online)

    NOTE: Don't discard tickets - there are lots of inspectors checking!!!

    II. Also you can reach Sliema, St Julians or Paceville by Taxi.
    The taxi service is located in the main arrivals hall at the airport, from where you can get a pre-paid ticket and your taxi driver, and then proceed to the car. The taxi ride usually costs 19 Euros.

    III. Other options: OR

    INFO: Visit or for weather updates

    Remember: When you come in Malta forget about the rest of EU... abroad things are different, sometimes better, sometimes worse. Too many people assume things are done the same as in their previous country and get caught out. Always Ask First!

    Hope that help.