Naturalisation process and requirements


Maltese citizenship can be obtained in a variety of ways. This article gives you an overview of the most common procedures.

For a full description with regards to individual situations, it is best to check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' website .

Descendants of Maltese nationals

People of Maltese descent are able to apply for citizenship, but depending on when you were born the rules are a little different.

Born before Maltese independence

If you were born before 21st of September 1964 you can be eligible for citizenship in one of the following ways:

  • You and at least one of your parents were born in Malta
  • Or, you were born abroad but both a parent and grandparent (of the same line) were born in Malta.

Born between independence and 1st August 1989

You can acquire citizenship if you were born after independence but before 1st of August 1989 regardless of whether you were born in Malta, as long as your father is a citizen of Malta.

Born after 1st August 1989

If you were born since then you can claim Maltese citizenship regardless of where you born, as long as either one of your parents holds Maltese citizenship.

Maltese citizenship by marriage

If you are married to a Maltese you can claim citizenship after five years of marriage. Residence on the island is not required. The same is true for widows and widowers of Maltese citizens who have died within the first five years of marriage. In this case the citizenship application can be submitted five years after the date of marriage.

To make a submission, you will need to provide both you and your spouse’s birth certificates, marriage certificate, and passports.

Applying for citizenship

Whichever route you take to citizenship, you can apply at The Department of Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs. You will need to provide either you or your parent’s birth certificate and a passport to do this.

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