Drivers license

Validity and exchange of foreign driving licenses

Drivers license

Many foreign driving licenses are valid in Malta. It is also possible to exchange your current license for a Maltese one.

Holders of a valid E.U. driving license may drive in Malta until the expiry date on the license they hold. A non E.U. driving license is valid in Malta for 12 months from the date of arrival.

How to exchange an EU driving licence

EU driving license holders who have been living, working or studying in Malta for more than 6 months can apply to exchange their license. This application needs to be done in person at the Maltese Driver Licensing Unit LTD. You will need to bring

  • A complete application form
  • One coloured passport-sized photograph
  • Your driving licence
  • Your passport and identity card
  • Your Maltese identity card

You need to have a Maltese Identity Card in order to apply. You must also sign a declaration concerning your stay in Malta - e.g. the length of time.

The country that issued your EU license has to clear the process and only after this and the payment of a fee, can you collect your Maltese driving license. The LTD will return your EU license to the concerned country.

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