Accessing the Internet

Different networks and providers

Accessing the Internet

Internet providers in the Netherlands are generally recognised as being of high quality, with many providers boasting access to some of the fastest and strongest connections in Europe. There are many companies which provide internet, therefore the market is quite competitive so it is usually possible to connect nationwide, while having plenty of choice over the provider.

Service providers

The main service providers in the Netherlands all offer competitive rates on different types of bundles. These can vary from all inclusive packages which cover internet, a telephone line and TV to basic internet connections. Most of these providers offer a state of the art, fibre optic internet coverage, but cable and DSL connections are still available if preferred. Prices generally range from around 22 euros a month for a basic internet connection to 65 euros a month for all inclusive bundles. For a full list of up to date internet service providers in the Netherlands, check out our services and directory.


A standard contract is 12 months, with many of these companies frequently offering cheap introductory rates for the first three months or so. However, it is difficult to find contracts for less than a year so we recommend short-term expats find accommodation with internet already included. The service provider Ziggo offers a stop-start month by month contract but it is tied up with the television package, which can work out as quite expensive.

Setting up

It can take up to a couple of weeks to set up an internet connection, and to do this you will need to provide details of a dutch bank account, a form of identification - passport is the most widely accepted - and the details of your address. In the meantime most cafes provide free internet access and there is access to free wifi in public libraries and in central parts of the major large cities.

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