Getting a phone line

Different providers and connections

Getting a phone line

The Netherlands has always ranked highly in Europe for its telecommunications services. Broadband, like in the rest of Europe, is very popular, while fixed lines seem to be in continuous decline. Mobile broadband is very common and fibre optic connections are increasing, with about 20% of the country having access in 2014.

KPN is the largest telecommunications operator in the Netherlands. Until 1997, it had a monopoly on landline telecommunications in the country. Nowadays, many other telephone companies offer telephone services, which are often combined with Internet and television packages.

The largest telecommunications operators on the Dutch market are:

Where to get a phone line and how

You can get your telephone line service online, but as most of the websites are in Dutch only, expats might want to visit an official KPN store or one of the other providers, where they will probably speak English. The documents that you will need are your passport, residence permit, work contract, bank account number and address.

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