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Generally speaking, all internet providers in the Netherlands have good connections and good services. They all have similar priced packages and reasonable customer service.

Internet plans in the Netherlands: All in one or internet only

From 2006 onwards the concept of “alles in 1” (Dutch for all in one) packages have developed into the standard. With such an all in one plan you will have internet, a telephone landline and television at your home. The price of such all in one package large depends on the speed of your internet connection. Currently most Dutch internet connections are either ADSL/VDSL (over the telephone landline) or cable connections. These connections have a limit to the speed they can provide. If you want very fast internet you can opt for fiber connection. At the moment the fiber network doesn’t have national coverage however its share is growing rapidly. As not all providers are available at every home address you can do a check of available providers and their prices at 

You might not need a telephone landline since you already have a mobile phone and you watch television via live streaming. In that case you can opt for the more attractively priced internet only plans.

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