Doctors and dentists

What the standard is and where you should go

Doctors and dentists

While many Nicaraguan people can’t afford dental or medical care, for foreign visitors, expats and well-off Nicaraguans medical and dental services are good and the quality is comparable to what you are used to at home.


Many doctors working in Nicaragua received their medical degrees from universities in the United States while others have been trained in Mexico, Europe, Cuba or in the Caribbean before getting jobs here.

The diversity and quality of the medical care available depends on where you are in Nicaragua. The bigger cities like Managua, Granada or Leon have the best access to the excellent medical practitioners and you will be within a short drive to some of the best hospitals in Central America.

Generally speaking, you shouldn’t expect the same quality of care in the smaller villages or towns as you would receive in the bigger cities. Outside of these major cities, physicians, their staff and other medical personnel rarely speak English and medical reports are written only in Spanish. Speaking some Spanish will help you or a loved one receive the best care available. If unable or unwilling to learn the language, take a Nicaraguan friend or associate along with you.


Most dentists start their studies at a local dentistry school and eventually go abroad to continue their speciality. Just like in any country, the quality of dental care all depends on where you go. Just like with the medical services, dental care is not so prevalent outside of the major cities. In the bigger cities, English-speaking dentists are not uncommon and costs are relatively low.

A good idea is to consult your country’s embassy because they are often able to provide a list of recommended doctors, dentists and specialists who speak English or your native language. Asking other expats for their recommendations is also extremely worthwhile.

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