Medication & pharmacies

Make sure you can get your medicine

Medication & pharmacies

There is an abundance of pharmacies all across the country and while most medications are readily available even without prescription, it’s important to ensure that you have a sufficient supply until you locate a pharmacy that stocks your medication.

Customs officials are getting tougher in regards to bringing pharmaceuticals into the country. It is therefore crucial that you bring your prescription from your home country. Delivery of pharmaceuticals via any type of mail system is prohibited.

If you are on prescription drugs you should bring sufficient supplies with you (if permitted). Keep it in its original container and bring a letter from your physician stating your medical conditions and any medication you are taking. This means that in the event of a serious medical emergency doctors can treat you quickly and with full knowledge of your present medical state.

Most medication in Nicaragua is affordable and can be paid out of your own pocket. Most large pharmacies have medical doctors on duty during the week who offer free consultations.

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