Sexual health in Nicaragua

Everything you need to know to stay healthy and safe

Sexual health in Nicaragua

Sexual health is important no matter where you are in the world, and knowing what the landscape is like when moving abroad is vital to make sure you stay safe and keep healthy.

The Catholic church has a huge influence on the country’s policies and attitude towards sexual and reproductive health. The Catholic church disapproves of the use of birth control and condoms. Talking about sex is still taboo in many areas, therefore the locals’ knowledge on contraceptive methods is limited.

Since 2008 sexual education in schools is part of the national curriculum, but schools do not provide proper education. Nicaragua has the highest number of teenage pregnancies in Latin America. Moreover, use of condoms and birth control is low among the Nicaraguan people.

Condoms and birth control pills

Condoms and birth control pills are available in pharmacies as over-the-counter products.


Abortion is prohibited by law in Nicaragua.


Despite the HIV/AIDS infection rate in Nicaragua being one of the lowest in South America, cases of HIV/AIDS have increased over the past few years. In light of this,  the government and NGO partners are making efforts to increase the availability of HIV tests, which are available in 153 municipal-level health centres.

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