Getting around in Norway

Public transportation

Getting around in Norway

Public transportation is an important aspect among the citizens of Norway. Norway provides many different modes of transportation that allow expats to move around freely at very reasonable rates.


Long distance buses, public buses, and water buses are the three types of bus services Norway has to offer. The long distance buses are usually operated by private companies such as Nor-Way Bussekspress.  Fares for long distance buses can be a little expensive depending on your destination averaging around Nkr 165 or 22 Euros for the first 100km. The public buses and the water buses are usually paid for and run by the Norwegian county that you're in. The water buses or ferries are able to provide transportation for you and your car to the surrounding islands of Norway. Fares for both the public buses and water buses range from Nkr 16 to Nkr 25 or 2 to 3 Euros per ride.

Metros and Tramways

In Norway there is only one subway system called the Oslo T-bane  and it is located in Oslo city. There are various Tramway systems throughout Norway in cities such as Oslo , Trondheim, and Bergen. They also have what is called a “Funicular” in the city of Bergen which is an inclined plane railway with the cars being pulled by a cable on a pulley system. A single fare that is valid for all Metros and Tramways will cost you Nkr 20 or 3 Euros.


The Norwegian State Railway  has a vast network of railways that provide transportation across Norway and surrounding Scandinavian countries. What's great about the long haul train systems is that they provide compartments for the passengers to sleep in. This is very helpful when traveling for long periods of time. In general the train system in Norway holds a very high standard of cleanliness. Train fares start at Nkr 135 or 18 Euros and vary depending on class and destination.


Traveling by taxi in Norway can be very expensive. The taxis in Norway are all run by private companies. There are several taxi companies in Norway and most drivers usually speak English.  

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