Norwegian beaches

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Norwegian beaches

Most people don't realize that swimming is a common pastime for Norwegians. Norway is full of beautiful coastlines and white sandy beaches. The three most popular beach locations in Norway are in Stavanger, Selje, and Oslo.


The city of Stavanger is located in the southern part of Norway and has many beautiful, white sandy beaches. Solastrand, Vigdel, Hellestø Beach, Orrestranda Beach, Vaulen, and Godalen are some of the most popular beaches that Stavanger has to offer. The beaches are very accessible and are only a 15 to 25 minute drive from the city center.


The city of Selje is a beautiful city located in western Norway. The main beach is called Seljesanden and it encompasess the whole western coastline of Norway. The beach also has a small harbor providing boat services for people wanting to travel to and from Bergen. The boat trip usually takes around 5 hours to reach the city of Bergen.


Oslo, the capital and most populous city, is located in eastern Norway. The Bygdøy peninsula is where you will find Oslo’s best beaches. Although very rocky, the Huk beach is Oslo’s most popular beach. Be aware that clothing is optional for most beaches in Oslo so plan accordingly.

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