Expat health insurance in Peru

Getting insured in case of medical emergencies

Expat health insurance in Peru

Public health institutions in Peru can have a very long waiting time and may not be able to help with specific problems. It is recommended that expats get private health insurance so that they can receive immediate medical assistance if needed.

It is recommended to get an expatriate health insurance if moving to Peru, as state hospitals lack resources and you might have to wait for months to receive any non-urgent treatment.

A private international health care insurance plan is suitable for people planning to work or live in Peru for at least 6 months per year. Such health insurance plans normally include: emergency medical evacuation and repatriation services, international medical insurance cover, the costs of air and land private ambulances and a 24/7 multilingual helpline.

When choosing a private health insurance plan, you should be very attentive to what it covers and always read the small print. Two of the most recommended health insurance companies in Peru are Pacifico  and La Positiva , however there are more health insurance companies  that offer similar services.

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