Hospitals, doctors, emergency numbers

How to handle medical emergencies in Peru

Hospitals, doctors, emergency numbers

Private hospitals and clinics are normally recommended to travelers and expats if they can afford them. The urban areas have health centers, hospitals, pharmacies and clinics, the best ones being in Lima. If you need medical assistance whilst in a rural area, the best option would be to go to the closest city.


Private hospitals tend to be better equipped than public ones. There are a few clinics that provide consultations, function as hospitals and have a 24/7 medical emergency availability.

The following clinics in Lima are preferred by visitors:

  • Clinica Anglo Americana (Alfredo Salazar, 3rd block, San Isidro; tel. number: 221 3656; urgent care center at Av. La Fontana, La Molina; tel. number: 436 9933)
  • Clinica San Borja (Av. Guardia Civil 333, San Borja; tel. number: 475 3141; website: )
  • Clinica El Golf (Av. Aurelio Miro Quesada 1030, San Isidro; tel. number: 264 3300)
  • Clinica Montesur (Av. El Polo, Monterrico; tel. number: 436 3630; specialises in women’s health)

The health care in other cities is adequate, however rural areas usually lack medical facilities and services. There are a few good quality private clinics in Cusco, however severe medical problems should be taken care of in Lima. If you are facing life-threatening health problems, then you may need to be medically evacuated to a country with cutting-edge medical facilities.

Blood transfusions in Peru

It is generally not advisable to undergo blood transfusions in Peru if possible. In the last couple of years, there have been reported HIV and hepatitis infections transmitted in public hospitals during blood transfusions and a visit to a social security dialysis center.


It is considered a common practice in Peru that doctors expect payments in cash, no matter whether you have health insurance or not.

Fees for hospitals, doctors, surgeries vary significantly from one place to another. However even the most expensive treatments in Peru cost only a small amount of the price you would have to pay for the same treatment in a private clinic in Europe. Usually a consultation in Cusco for instance, may cost between 60 - 80 Soles (€16 - €22), which would include the consultation itself and a follow up in the next few days.

It is usual to pay before you are examined or treated. It is advisable that you ask the cost and charges before they have started a treatment or a consultation. If you have a specific or chronic medical history, you should bring along your records from home, preferably translated into Spanish.

For expats the biggest barrier to healthcare is often language differences, but many doctors in Peru do speak English. Dentists in Lima are very good, normally speak English, and their services are not expensive

Emergency numbers

Here is a list of important emergency numbers in Peru.

Central emergency number (ambulance, fire, police departments): 105

Telephone information number: 103

Tourist police: 460 1060; 460 0844

Civil defence: 115

Fire brigade: 116

Public ambulance: 141

Private ambulances:

  • Alerta Medica: 225 4040
  • San CristAbal: 440 0200
  • Plan Vital: 241 1911
  • Servimedic: 332 6720
  • Alfa Medic: 362 9519
  • Mision Medica: 346 2929

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