Retire in Peru

How to apply for a Peruvian retirement visa

Retire in Peru

To obtain a retirement visa in Peru, you will need to provide proof that you earn a minimum monthly income of US$1,000. For any dependents or spouse you wish to be included on the visa proof of an additional US$500 a month will be required.

In Peru this visa is called a rentista visa. On this visa you will not be allowed to earn money, however after two years of residing in the company you can change your immigration status and apply for citizenship, thus allowing you to earn a living.

Steps for obtaining a retirement visa

  1. Make sure form F004  is filled out
  2. Bring a copy of your passport including the page with your visa stamp.
  3. Present a letter from your pension fund or social security, notarised in your home country and then sent to the Peruvian consulate for legalisation. The notarised letter will cost 26 Peruvian soles to legalise. You will then need a government approved translator to translate the copies. Prices of translation services vary in the country but cost around 70-100 Peruvian soles.
  4. Present a Declaracion Jurada, a letter written in Spanish confirming you have no criminal past.
  5. Present your tourist visa and accompanied paperwork

Processing times and benefits

Processing times for this visa can take up to 4 months. This is a permanent visa to reside in the country and holds no expiry date however you will not be able to work on it. You are also permitted to import any personal items (including furniture) into Peru without having to pay tax on them. Please note this does not include a car, if you wish to import your car to Peru you will be liable for the usual taxes and duties.

On this visa you do not need to renew your carné de extranjería (residence permit) every year and do not need to pay foreign tax.

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