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By plane to and from Romania


There are many different airlines that fly to and from Romania's different airports. Be sure to check with different airlines and airports to find the lowest fare.

There are many airports in Romania, but not all of them have regularly scheduled flights. The biggest and most important airports are:

  • Bucharest: Henri Coandă International Airport (also known as Otopeni International Airport) and Aurel Vlaicu Airport (also known as Baneasa Airport)
  • Timisoara: Traian Vuia International Airport (also known as Giarmata Airport)
  • Cluj: Cluj-Napoca International Airport
  • Iasi: Iasi International Airport
  • Constanta: Constanta International Airport
  • Sibiu: Sibiu International Airport
  • Arad: Arad International Airport

TAROM is the national airline of Romania. Most major companies such as Alitalia, Austrian Airlines, France Airlines, Lufthansa, British Airways, and KLM operate services to and from Romania. Low cost companies operating out of Romania include MyAir, Blue Air, Sky Europe, and Wizz Air. There are some internal services which can cut down travel times for some journeys.

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