Leisure in Romania

Holidays, weather and sports

Leisure in Romania


There are lots of festivals and public holidays in Romania, especially during the summer or winter seasons. Some are linked to the widely practiced Orthodox religion, some mark life events, and others represent stages in the agricultural calendar.

The main public holidays are Easter, New Year's Day, Labor Day on May 1st, National Day on December 1st, and Christmas on the 25th and 26th of December, each with many public celebrations and unique festivals of their own.

Sports are popular, with strong national interest in football (soccer), tennis, and gymnastics. For the expat athlete, Romania has a lot to offer those interested in hiking, skiing, and cycling. Caving and canoeing are also popular local activities. Those living in the cities who like to jog or walk should be aware of traffic and unfriendly dogs.

The climate

Romania has a temperate climate, with four distinct seasons. In Bucharest, the average summer temperature is 25ºC, but during July and August it often exceeds 32ºC (in some short periods it can even reach 40ºC). Winters are cold, with temperatures below 0ºC, especially at night when temperatures can dive down to -15ºC. Apart from normal seasonal clothes; it is always advisable to pack a warm pullover, a raincoat, and good walking shoes. Very warm clothing is recommended in winter.

In May through October, days are generally warm with cool evenings. All the seasons have both their advantages and disadvantages. For example, October brings a display of colorful autumn foliage, but it can also be quite cold and rainy. Most rain falls in the autumn and in the spring.

Temperatures in the lower-lying areas remain below freezing throughout the winter months, with temperatures ranging from -15ºC to 20ºC. In the winter, frosty winds are common and snow covers most of the country.

Summer supplies abundant sunshine, especially during the hottest months of July and August. In the mountains, temperatures are cooler during the summer. There tends to be more humidity and rainfall all year round, as fog and mist are more common at higher altitudes. On the coast, summers are pleasant and winters are mild.

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