Finding A Job

Where To Look For Jobs in Russia

Finding A Job

There are different ways to find jobs in Russia. You can get a good idea of the market by looking at the offers advertised on job portals. Other effective means of finding a job are registering with a recruitment agency and networking.

A good way to find a job in Russia is through internet websites. Special internet services have been created to save you time and make this as simple as possible. A well-established job site, Monster, has its own Russian department.

Recruitment Agencies

Plenty of agencies on the web offer recruitment services to foreigners. You can contact them directly by filling out an application form and looking for jobs in their database. Remember that recruitment agencies can sometimes be unreliable. Don’t sit back and give up your own search once you’ve given them your resume/ CV.

Personal Contacts

Many foreigners find new jobs through personal connections rather than via an employment agency. In this case networking can be a good option. Always have your business cards ready - you might get an interview when you least expect it.

Apart from making Russian friends, you may also like to meet other foreigners, which is quite easy. There are many social and sporting clubs comprised of a large foreign membership base. Such groups include the Moscow Dragons Rugby, Hash House Harriers, Hikers, Walkers and Nature Lovers and the International Women's Club.

Such groups provide a comfortable environment for foreigners and Russian English-speakers. Joining one of these groups is a great way to meet locals who share similar interests and experiences.

Job Applications

The procedure of applying for a job in Russia is just like everywhere else. A good start is an up-to-date resume/CV. When applying for a position, a cover letter should be included. Applications can be sent via e-mail, fax or letter- maybe all 3 if you're persistent or just want to be sure. If you're applications isn't answered within a month, call or send a reminder.

Resumes in Russia

In Russia, resumes should follow the same format as anywhere else in the world. The basics (name, address and phone number) are vital. Don’t forget to give your education background.

State a clear and concise job objective. This enables you to tailor your resume to a particular position and/or company. This provides focus and a clear sense of direction to those reviewing your resume.

List your previous experiences chronologically, beginning with your most recent position. Focus on achievements at your present and previous jobs, especially those involving management skills and critical thinking.

Personal data can be included in a short section to wrap up your resume. Bring in any additional skills that don’t fit in to other categories such as languages or computer training.

References are not necessary as part of your resume. If necessary, references can be provided at an interview.

Sending an application in English is usually sufficient. However, if your language skills are good enough, it could be valuable to send your resume in Russian as well. Always check specific requirements for each position and take them into account when applying for a job.

Job interviews in Russia

Usually there is more than one job interview in Russia. After speaking with the company’s Human Resource manager, the next job interview will be with your future supervisor.

Research the company ahead of time, so you’ll be able to speak effectively and prepared.

Arrive early and dress neatly. Women can wear skirts and blouses, while a suit and tie is appropriate for men. It is important to demonstrate good appearance as well as good manners.

Prepare for questions about your personal and professional goals. Listen carefully to the questions and answer them directly.

Improve Your Chances

Learning Russian is the best way to improve your chances in the Russian job market. With Russian and your native language, you’ll have a great advantage over the competition- both foreign and local.

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