Types of Jobs

What kinds of jobs you can find in Russia

Types of Jobs

This article gives an insight as to what types of jobs are available for foreigners in the Russian job market. Many overseas companies hold a Russian branch. The most common positions available are teaching English, translating, editing and freelancing.

The internet has many offers for English teachers. Aside from universities, nearly all towns and cities have at least a few language schools.

Finding an English-teaching job can be more difficult in Moscow or St. Petersburg, where there is much greater competition.

In addition to English conversation, some schools have positions to teach basic subjects in English.

Don’t forget you need a visa that allows you to work legally in Russia. Some kind of teaching certification or experience is usually required, so we recommend getting an English teaching certificate.

Translating and Editing

Job offers for translators and editors are easy to find online. Try searching the databases of recruitment agencies or looking for language-orientated services (such as foreign language newspapers and magazines) in Russia.


Russia’s growing economy offers good opportunities for freelancing. Local markets across the country have openings for industrious foreigners. An increasing number of foreign companies are establishing branches in Russia

Most opportunities involve language and culture. Many recruiting software companies often require their staff to be fluent in English and other languages. Due to the importance of customer service in these services, there are good opportunities for freelancers to provide training in Western-style business practices.

However, while the cash economy makes freelancing easier, it also imposes some limitations. In Russia checking accounts are unheard of and electronic money transfers can be very complicated. Dealing with businesses in other cities can be uneconomical if you have to travel to collect payment.

One solution could be to register a company and to open a business banking account in Russia. However this often requires overhead and exposure to tax authorities. While freelancing does allow some freedom of lifestyle and control over income, it is very hard work.

Foreign Companies in Russia

Another alternative for foreigners job hunting in Russia is working with an international corporation or organization. However, such openings are rare and are usually not advertised widely. Many international corporations look for foreign employees through their branches overseas, not by posting job ads on the Internet.

Your best option would be to find a company’s contact information and contact them directly. Send your CV and explain what you are looking for and your qualifications. Many companies are always on the lookout for decent, qualified employees- you just have to be persistent.

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