The Russian Job Market for Foreigners


The Russian economy has experienced a major growth in recent years. Western companies are involved in such industries as construction, development and finance, in addition to retail and teaching services.

In Russia, foreigners wanting to work must obtain a permit via the employer offering them a post. However it is possible for an individual to apply for an entry visa in order to seek employment in Russia. The procedure for obtaining visas and work permits can be difficult and time-consuming, typically taking up to several months.

Most expatriates in Russia are employed by diplomatic missions or foreign companies, while teachers are employed by English language schools. Relatively few jobs are available for foreign workers in the local economy. Good knowledge of Russian is required to work for a local employer.

English is in great demand in Russia and many language schools offer jobs for qualified English teachers. Many schools only offer part-time jobs that don't pay particularly well, so teachers often work for several different schools at the same time. Often times a teaching job is a good stepping stone to setting up your own business.

You can find English teaching job adverts online and in the Moscow Times, an English language newspaper. When accepting a job in Russia, it is important that all contracts be in both Russian and your native language in order to be considered enforceable in a Russian court.

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