AL Rowad international school Riyadh

  • Hi there,does anyone have any info on Al Rowad International school in Riyadh?How is life in Riyadh for a muslim expat family (ie kids entertainment,sports clubs,price of family accom etc)Thanks

    21 May 2007, 11:12 Sina
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  • hi mrs. shari

    hi mrs. shari i have one baby boy whose age is 2 years i would like get his admission in the rowad school could u pls send me school contact number

    saima 15 Oct 2008, 01:51 - Report
  • cntac

    plz semd me school location and contact number

    saima 15 Oct 2008, 01:57 - Report
  • American school Vs Manarat school

    I am deliberating as to whether to send my UK born Pakistani daughters (aged 10 - 12) to either the American school in Riyadh or the Manarat school in Riyadh - can anyone give me the pros and cons of each please.
    Thanks for your help, email is [email removed]

    also what is the difference between the Manarat school and the Al-Rowdah school?

    Abdul Jalil 19 Oct 2008, 11:36 - Report
  • i need job for a good school

    hi,i am kashfia.i came from qualification is B.B.A .before i am working school 2 i am searcing,banking,administration no problem.i want mobile s 0500578634.bye.

    kashfia khan 21 Oct 2008, 03:49 - Report
  • need help

    guys the almanarat school is perfect i got ia placement test and im in year 10 .but i dont know the the placement test is going to be hard help would someone tell me what is gonna come out

    juniper 26 Oct 2008, 08:02 - Report
  • looking for a job

    i'm a qualified teacher of English in a very good secondary school in Dammam, but i'm looking for a nice school in Ryiadh because of family reasons. i have been working here for three years and now i'm the coordinator of the english department in the school.
    this is my email. [email removed]

    abu Mouath 26 Oct 2008, 09:29 - Report
  • teaching

    Asslam 3laikom,I'm looking for a job as a teacher in saudia, anyone can help me.
    my email is [email removed]

    alaa bosso 30 Oct 2008, 07:18 - Report
  • Resume for maths teacher

    Hi, I am in search of mathematics teaching job in well reputed school world wide.

    vijay Rajpal 01 Nov 2008, 02:11 - Report
  • art teacher

    hi i heared alot about the school and i wish i could be one of these team.
    my husband is already in riyadh and i'm searching for a vacancy there.
    i have 3 years experince in this field
    if there is anyone intersted send me on this email

    Menna Abo EL Enin 06 Nov 2008, 06:01 - Report
  • Looking for an Esl job at Al Rowad international schools

    Hoping to join your respectable English team at your prosperour schools,iam an experiences ESl lecturer,trainer,supervisor,can teach all levels,assess teachers,students,set tests,conduct workshops,give presentations,organize boost lessons,remedial work,English seminars,develop material,train teachers,choose series,Have long experience of teaching overseas"KSA,USa,Egypt and Middle East",Egyptian,near -native,have Ba general English,Tesol,delta,post graduate studies in English,technology,supervision and training skills from USA Universities.
    -Available and ready for any interviews

    Hamed Ahmed 07 Nov 2008, 05:12 - Report
  • looking for teaching job

    hi my name is khushi and m 19 years old i recently graduate in fa so before choosing any career line i want to do a job jst for gaining experiance .. i mean i can teach from class 1 to 8 .. tht will be perfect for me . althogh my english and arabic is very good soo if u can help me so rep me on [email removed]

    khushi 09 Nov 2008, 01:12 - Report
  • You will regret it!

    Everybody listen up you will hate Al-Rowad Schools they really are bad my daughter went there for 4 year 9-12 and she really hated it the Principle Mrs: San'a is so cheap she doesn't want to spend a dime on them they have really bad teachers and i recommend Manarat int. school!

    One Really Pissed off Mother (Angela) 15 Nov 2008, 06:09 - Report
  • Looking for a good school for my two daughters

    My family will be joining me in December from South Africa. I have two daughters, one in grade 1 and 4 respectively. They will be completing their exams soon in SA and will join me mid Dec'08 Insha'Allah. Can anyone please advise on a good school here in Riyadh.My email is [email removed]. Shukran.

    Hashim 17 Nov 2008, 09:54 - Report
  • looking for a job in good school

    This is Mrs yasmeen. I would like to know if any vacancy is there in good reputed school in RIYAD or any in Jeddah.Iam a B.ED GRADUATE in bio science.I WANT TO WORK IN ANY OF THESE SCHOOLS.if it is possible please let me know.
    contact me on my E-mail address
    [email removed]

    syeda yasmeen Ali 18 Nov 2008, 04:33 - Report
  • Teaching Position Available

    Hi Everyone,
    URGENT: Al-Rowad International School (Girls' Section) needs an English Teacher for the upper grades. Bring your CV / Resume' and apply between 7 a.m. and 1 p.m. tomorrow.

    Mrs. Shari 25 Nov 2008, 02:49 - Report
  • Al-Rowad International School

    Here are some contact numbers for Al-Rowad International School:


    Mrs. Shari 25 Nov 2008, 03:02 - Report
  • Al Rowad and Islamic values

    Al Rowad claims that it is based on Islmic values and principles, however, the Girls Section Administration Manager SANA is far from being a good Muslim. She is dictator and very bossy to extent that is going to destroy this school. Unfortunately, she influence supression among teachers. Kids are not safe under her management.

    Teaher in Al Rowad 28 Nov 2008, 08:30 - Report
  • Sad to Read

    Teaher in Rowad,

    Each to their own opinion, I guess. However, your opinion is so blunt and judgmental upon Mrs. Sana that you yourself are not demonstrating good Islamic values and principles (backbiting with lies). If you are so unhappy at Rowad, how can you claim that you are a "Teaher in Rowad". Is your life so miserable that you'd work anywhere for a few riyals? If you'd do your job correctly, you would not feel so suppressed. If you hate the place so bad, go elsewhere. For sure you, as a teacher do more damage than good for the students and the school. I would suggest that you use a spell checker before further preposterous responses or posts.
    Furthermore, kids have always been safe under Mrs. Sana's management.

    Mrs. Shari 01 Dec 2008, 03:30 - Report
  • disgruntled fake teachers

    It is a shame and Islamically incorrect that people spend precious time backbiting and slandering rather than trying to correct a wrong- if you can't be part of the solution, don't be part of the problem. I am a teacher at Al Rowad and it is doing its best to be the best. I will be the first to say that Ms. Sana' bends over backwards to support her teachers and I see it daily. We put 10 children in Rowad after doing research on the other schools here in Riyadh. I was so impressed, that I then decided to join as a teacher. Also...don't lie! You are a teacher there??? How are you posting something in the a.m. on a school day? hmmmm. Sounds to me like you are angry because you didn't meet the qualifications.

    Mrs. D 05 Dec 2008, 11:28 - Report
  • e-mail address of Al Rowad School Riaydh

    please send me e-mail address and fax no. of Al Rowad School Riyadh as I want to apply for job

    Arshi Fakhir 06 Dec 2008, 10:48 - Report
  • e-mail address of Al Rowad School Riaydh

    Hi I am Arshi Fakhir Mrs.(From Pakistan). I am interested in applying for a teaching job in Riyadh. Kindly send me e-mail addresses of different schools in Riyadh and Jeddah.

    My e-mail address is: [email removed]

    Arshi Fakhir Mrs. 06 Dec 2008, 10:57 - Report
  • missing person sought urgent


    Can anyone help Islamic Center looking for Brother and his family Name Tariq Preston Black American, was teacher of Islamic studies boys school AL Manarat Al Izdehar 2006/7 also known to travel to America give Dawa'h, from Washington DC. If anyone out there knows of his whereabouts at present please send details via this e-mail address a ddress e-mail to Islamic Center [email removed]

    ummdawood 06 Dec 2008, 11:02 - Report
  • inquiry teaching position


    Could anyone tell me the age group/limmit on a person being employed as a teacher in Saudi and Riyadh. I am British by birth Muslim 19 years and Female married yes 2nd wife looking to get my own visa iqama without husbands influence.

    Presently studying at The University of Bedfordshire in UK. Studies BA Hons English Langauge Joint TEFL. I am in my first year will graduate Insha Allah 2011.

    It seams that the schools in Riyadh want young staff, teachers, with little or know exsperience fully qualified and non qualified or not holding proper certificates. I know persons who have worked at these schools in the past thats probably why they did not keep there jobs for long. and why people say these schools are going down hill.

    I want to know how easy would it be for me to find employment as a teacher when I graduate. thanks anyhelp be apreciated. can contact me via e-mail or post here.
    [email removed]

    ummkarima 06 Dec 2008, 11:21 - Report
  • Here are answers

    1st of all, I have lived here for 15 years and taught in both Al-Rowad and Manarat International Schools. Manarat is awesome, but salary is kinda low, as per the economy. Al-Rowad, on the other hand, pays well, but their facilities are lacking. The academic standard at Manarat is the highest in Riyadh, and sends students who are a bit weaker to Al-Rowad. Al-Rowad caters to parents, and Manarat katers to academics.
    Sarah - your salary depends on your nationality, education, and experience.
    For the rest of you, I suggest you look at more academic schools in Riyadh like Manarat, Kingdom, and King Saud International.
    Good luck ladies - May Allah send you the right way.

    Riyadh Educator 10 Dec 2008, 06:20 - Report
  • Mrs. Shari

    Yes Shari, i got my type-o's in my last post. Actually, I didn't see your name until after I posted. I'm amazed at how someone pointed at Ms. Sana for being the problem, when it's Ms. Nowal that plays teachers against each other. Wow! So glad that I'm not there any more. You know Mrs. Shari, with your experience, you should apply at King Saud University. They need about 100 teachers. Segregated. Anyway, we don't see eye to eye on where to put your kids, and thats ok because we are sisters, but..... if you want academics............ you go to Manarat.
    Love ya!

    Riyadh Educator with type-o's 10 Dec 2008, 06:49 - Report
  • Montessori Schools in Riyadh?

    My family and I will soon be relocating to riyadh inshallah. My son is four years old and we're looking for authentic montessori schools over there.
    Does anyone perhaps know of any?

    Rayhaana 13 Dec 2008, 11:51 - Report
  • Montessori Schools

    I was looking around for you about the montessori schools, but all I could find that are certified are Arabic schools. There are several montessori schools in Riyadh, but I don't know enough about them to recommend any of them.
    Good luck.

    Riyadh Educator 17 Dec 2008, 01:58 - Report
  • Sshools in Riyadh

    I may be doing a 6 month job in Riyadh next year and I plan to bring my wife and daughter along.Do you know of a good American school my daughter can attend?

    Ashton 17 Dec 2008, 04:05 - Report
  • pricaple manal albaseri

    hello in kingdom school u can just pay and ur going to take full mark i am aloser grade 8

    pricaple manal albaseri 17 Dec 2008, 05:08 - Report

    hello everyone. i am proud to say that i was a MANARAT GIRL!!! i would definitely prefer this school over any other school in riyadh for all ages. its system is very challenging and raises the students expectations to considerable levels. when your child graduates he/she will definitely be prepared for the college world and whatever else comes in the future. the school is diverse with students from all around the world.and its always nice to learn about and be exposed to different cultures. however, these are all secular and social advantages. if you want to advance your child in speaking arabic and memorizing quran....manarat isnt really strong in these areas. it would probably be best to send your child to manarat and then have private tutors for arabic and quran. if anyone has any further questions about manarat alriyadh school i will be glad to give you the scoop!!

    ManaratGirl 20 Dec 2008, 02:50 - Report

    Al-Rowad Int'l School needs a computer teacher and a Grade 2 teacher immediately. Apply in person.

    For more info please call 482-1812

    Mrs. Shari 20 Dec 2008, 06:53 - Report
  • Interested in teaching

    Hi there.
    I am interested in teaching. I have done b.a. And i can teach computer and grade 2.

    Naveeda 28 Dec 2008, 07:54 - Report
  • Come and apply

    Hi Naveeda,
    Please do come in and apply. Bring your cv and be prepared for an interview. The school is located behind Euromarche on Takhussussee Rd. If you need further info, please refer to the previous posts to take the phone number. Good luck!

    Mrs. Shari 28 Dec 2008, 04:20 - Report
  • need a part time job

    Does anyone know which school is taking part time english teachers(male)?pls let me know...looking for a part time job.

    taaj 30 Dec 2008, 01:01 - Report

    Does anyone know which school is taking part time english teachers(female)?pls let me know...looking for a part time job.

    doody 31 Dec 2008, 07:12 - Report
  • sorry i forgot to mention

    i have done graduation in english literature.

    hir atta 01 Jan 2009, 11:12 - Report

    Salaam,I am looking to do islamic studies expetialy learning Arabic.I am 30 year old.I am a convert to Islam.My email address is [email removed] Name is Mohamed I am from South Africa.My Mobile phone number is 0763087608(start with South African Code)

    Mohamed Seboya 06 Jan 2009, 01:00 - Report


    sabir 08 Jan 2009, 02:32 - Report

    please i need you to help me to have a eamil

    sabir mahmoud ali 08 Jan 2009, 02:36 - Report
  • More Questions

    Hi I have four girls and would like to send them to minarat Int school. Is this safe and secure for them and does the school provide transport? Are boys and girls separated? What is the standard of education and facilities compared to other schools in Riyadh?
    Contact us on [email removed]

    zanshazy 09 Jan 2009, 05:53 - Report
  • looking for job

    iam Egyptian pharmacist living here in Riyadh looking for ajob as science teacher in any international school . i have fuluent english
    i like teaching very much
    my E-mail [email removed]

    amira mohamed 10 Jan 2009, 04:01 - Report
  • looking for science teacher job with implement guidence and counselling

    iam indian science teacherliving here in Riyadh-zulfi looking for ajob as science teacher in any international school . i have fuluent english
    i like teaching very much
    my E-mail [email removed]

    s.mohamed haja ziyaudeen 18 Jan 2009, 07:01 - Report
  • Urgent for Int'l School Info

    Please anyone suggest me the best school in Riyadh, which is have school bus and not to fas from diplomatic quarter. I heard Rowad has it, but the children have to memorize the Quran, I prefer no to that.

    Thank you.

    Fita 24 Jan 2009, 09:59 - Report
  • Why replacing all good teadhers with untrained pakistanis?

    Is it because the untrained teachers and due to their nationality, they accept less salaries.. will it not damage the good impression of the school, if not now in some time ?

    A |Parent 31 Jan 2009, 02:02 - Report
  • Suitable teacher's job in riyadh.

    I am moving to Riyadh in a couple of months.I have a 10 year teaching experience in various capacities in Pakistani schools.Can I get a good job in schools of Riyadh?How much salary is expected?What are the working coditions there?
    Someone please reply and email is [email removed]

    Umm Siraj 01 Feb 2009, 05:14 - Report
  • Query on School Fees


    How are the school fees structure for kindergarden, junior (primary level) and senior (secondary levels) at Manarat? How much different are the fees in other similar established international schools in Riyadh. What about the fee structure at Universities and Colleges in Riyadh that are taught in English for Degree course for Business/Economics?Appreciate your feedback. Shukran

    Salim - Malaysia 03 Feb 2009, 08:58 - Report
  • (Manarat, rowad or multinational school ) what is the best school?

    Can u pls tell me what is the best international school in riyadh (Manarat, rowad or multinational) especiallly for the IG level (i.e. grade 9)

    Noura Anouar 06 Feb 2009, 09:20 - Report
  • The Truth

    The truth about this matter is that Manarat Alriyadh WAS a good school maybe 5 years ago becuse it was formaly owned by a prince which cared about education give to the students but he then sold it to this business which as all businesses they care about money. therfor the standered of education in Manarat schools has droped from he sky till the earths core.In other words in drop dermaticlly. That is te truth about Manarat and all this information i am giving you is from teachers who work in that school. What is a school that 20 teachers leave in 1 year and 12 in the year after?

    The truth 08 Feb 2009, 09:13 - Report
  • Al-Meena International School

    Salam Alaikum,
    brothers and sisters, we are looking for a male English teacher for the upper grades.

    if you are a qualified teacher, please send your cv to this email address ([email removed]).

    Mrs. Rania O. Shehab 18 Feb 2009, 02:36 - Report
  • looking for a teaching position in Saudi Arabia

    I live in Bristol (UK)and have been in the UK education setting since 2004. I am also working towards gaining an MA(Ed)level. I am interested in teaching in Saudi Arabia (Primary, Secondary and Colleges). Any help? Thanks
    My E-mail address is:
    [email removed]

    Shamsudin 19 Feb 2009, 11:55 - Report
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