How to get Internet access in South Africa


In South Africa, internet connections can be slower and more expensive than in other developed countries, but the internet service sector is evolving.

You can access the internet easily in most South African cities. Land line companies offer ADSL, ISDN, Digitnet, and leased lines. Satellite and wireless are also offered by land line companies, as well as small providers and mobile phone providers.

You can subscribe to internet services online or get them along with the land line. With Neotel, broadband internet is included in the telephone package.

Fees are available at the providers' websites. Most of them charge flat monthly rates. ADSL charges, for example, consist of three parts: the ADSL line rental, the phone line rental, and an ISP account.

Another option is connecting to free Wi-Fi services at local restaurants, hotels, business centres, or going online from internet cafés located at business and shopping centres.

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