Setting up a land line in South Africa


There are two companies that provide phone lines in South Africa: Telkom and Neotel. Once you decide which service provider is the best for you, you can order the service online.

Neotel put an end to Telkom's monopoly by entering the fast growing telecommunications market in 2006. It quickly gained consumers by offering cheaper prices and wireless technologies and is today a fully established company.

It is useful to compare both Telkom and Neotel's rates in order to choose the perfect land line. There are several websites that can help you with this. You can also check the Telkom and Neotel websites to search for special offers (Telkom: , Neotel: ).

Both Telkom and Neotel offer personalised services. Neotel offers a wireless telephone connection that requires no installation and works on service packages (including voice, data, and text messages). There is no installation fee.

Telkom offers a basic service, which you can upgrade with additional packages. Telkom services are based on spend limits. These limits can be established either by setting a concrete limit yourself, or by the company that establishes the limit according to your credit profile. An installation fee is charged in both cases.

You can order a land line online or by phone. After the order is placed, the company will make sure that the necessary infrastructure is available and will contact you to set a date for the installation (in case it is Telkom) or delivery (Neotel). Keep in mind that Neotel is a young company and that it does not cover every area of the country, so your order can be rejected.

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